Navigate your notes like you do the web

Use Markdown to add formatting. One tap for headings, lists and more

One tap to search and create new pages

Trunk Notes can cope with 100s and 1000s of pages


  • Markdown

    Use the popular plain text formatting syntax

  • Fast Search

    Search by page title, full text search and tags

  • Linked Notes

    Links are automatically created to WikiWords

  • Dropbox Sync

    Sync everything with Dropbox to use Trunk Notes on your iPhone and iPad

  • Web Browser Access

    Put Trunk Notes into Wi-Fi Sharing mode to use from your computer

  • Plaintext

    Import and export your notes as plaintext to future proof your information

  • Encryption

    Encrypt individual pages so only you can access the information

  • Dynamic Content

    The powerful wiki engine has easy to use functions and Lua for scriptability

  • Images and Sound

    Add images from the camera or photos stored on your device