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Iconic TV Show Characters Who Always Wear Suits

Iconic TV Show

Iconic TV Show

Have you ever wondered that there are some iconic TV show characters, who are always spotted in suits, like always? Why is that so?

As we already know, well-tailored and sharp suits are not just a fashion statement anymore, they are a reflection of the character’s personality and role in the story. These iconic characters, with one particular wardrobe choice, the suit, have been an inspiration to all.

You can explore Taylor Swift Chiefs Jacket for a vast collection of suits, worn by your favorite iconic TV show characters on the big screen. In this article, we will go through some of the most iconic TV show characters who always wear suits and examine what makes their choices so enduring.

James Bond

The first name that comes to mind when talking about suits, is definitely, James Bond, Agent 007. The character is portrayed by various actors over the years, but Bond has been a symbol of British charm and intelligence excellence.

One constant throughout the Bond franchise is his impeccable taste in suits. Whether it’s Sean Connery, Pierce Brosnan, or Daniel Craig, Bond’s tailored tuxedos and perfectly-fitted suits are as much a part of his character as his love for martinis – shaken, not stirred.

His suits display elegance, portraying a man who is always ready for action and equally at ease in high-stakes poker games as he is in daring car chases.

Harvey Specter

It’s no surprise that a character named Harvey Specter from a show called Suits, makes into our list. The character played by Gabriel Macht, Harvey Specter is a high-powered corporate lawyer with a fondness for luxury suits and a razor-sharp legal mind.

His wardrobe consists of well-tailored power suits, crisp white shirts, and designer ties. Harvey’s attire is not just about looking good; it’s a reflection of his confidence, swagger, and firm commitment to winning every case. He shows us that a suit isn’t just an outfit but a statement of authority.

Barney Stinson

Barney Stinson, portrayed by Neil Patrick Harris in How I Met Your Mother, is the typical ladies’ man and a legendary bro. Barney is known for his catchphrases, his unique way of life, and, of course, his extensive suit collection.

He’s often seen sporting flashy, high-end suits and eccentric ties. Barney’s suits are a reflection of his over-the-top personality and his belief that “suit up” is the key to success in life. He teaches us that confidence and a well-tailored suit can take you far, even in the most absurd situations.

Don Draper

Set in the 1960s advertising world, Mad Men, gave us one of TV’s most complex and mysterious characters in Don Draper, played by Jon Hamm. Draper’s suits are as sharp as his wit, and his character is the embodiment of the mid-century American dream. His attire showcases the era’s fashion, with sleek, slim-fitting suits, skinny ties, and perfectly combed hair.

Draper’s suits represent not only his professional success but also his hidden chaos, making him an iconic character whose style is forever associated with the swinging ’60s.

Tony Stark

Tony Stark, portrayed by Robert Downey Jr., is not just a genius billionaire, inventor, and superhero; he’s also a style icon. As Iron Man, Stark’s suit is his armor, but even when he’s out of the suit, he’s never seen without a stylish ensemble. His suits are sleek, modern, and cutting-edge, much like his technological inventions.

Tony Stark shows us that you can be a genius inventor, a playboy, and a philanthropist, all while looking impeccably dapper.

Niles Crane

Niles Crane, portrayed by David Hyde Pierce in the hit sitcom Frasier, is a character known for his highbrow tastes, wit, and obsession with cleanliness. His suits are a reflection of his upper-crust personality, and he is rarely seen without a tailored suit and perfectly coiffed hair.

Niles’s style is an amusing contrast to his often chaotic personal life, making him one of the most memorable characters in TV history.

Neal Caffrey

In White Collar, Matt Bomer plays Neal Caffrey, a charming and sophisticated con artist turned consultant for the FBI. Neal’s character is all about deception, but his suits are always genuine. He’s frequently seen in sharp, well-fitted suits, often accompanied by a fedora or trilby hat.

Neal’s wardrobe reflects his suave persona and his ability to blend into high society effortlessly, making him a stylish antihero.

Saul Goodman

Bob Odenkirk’s portrayal of the morally flexible lawyer Saul Goodman in Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul, wouldn’t be complete without his flashy suits. Saul’s suits are loud, colorful, and attention-grabbing.

They perfectly complement his flashy personality and his willingness to do whatever it takes to win a case. His outrageous style has made him a fan favorite and a symbol of legal shadiness.

Patrick Bateman

While Patrick Bateman, portrayed by Christian Bale in American Psycho, is not exactly a character to follow; his obsession with fashion and suits is undeniably iconic. Bateman’s perfectly tailored suits are a facade for his psychotic nature, but they are also a representation of the materialism and superficiality of the 1980s Wall Street culture.

His obsession with aesthetics is taken to disturbing extremes, showcasing how appearances can be deceiving.


Throughout the history of television, certain characters have left an indelible mark not only for their actions but for their iconic fashion choices. These characters who always wear suits have demonstrated that clothing is more than just a covering; it’s a reflection of character, personality, and the roles they play in their respective stories. Whether it’s James Bond’s timeless elegance, Harvey Specter’s unyielding confidence, or Barney Stinson’s outrageous charisma, these characters have shown us that a well-tailored suit can be a symbol of power, sophistication, and style, making them unforgettable in the world of television.

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