A Complete Guide to TESOL Course in Sydney

Few individuals aspiring to teach English in a foreign country meet the requirements for getting hired. Earning a certification in Tesol can open many opportunities for making an excellent career and earning a great salary. It also offers the option of travelling the world. If you wish to teach English, know about the TESOL course in Sydney and how it can help shape a career as a tutor. 

What is Tesol?

TESOL is the acronym for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. Certificate IV in Tesol is a program that enables teachers to understand the interaction between language and culture. It teaches the candidate how to teach. Some English speakers use grammar and vocabulary well but might not be able to teach and explain it to others. It is here that TESOL training comes into the picture. Schools across the globe trust Tesol-certified tutors and look forward to hiring them. 

Difference between TEFL and TESOL Certification

When candidates are looking for certification to teach English, they will come across several options. Here’s a look at them:


TESOL, i.e., “Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages,” enables students to learn English in any English-speaking country. It can be used abroad as well.

  • TEFL

TEFL, i.e., “Teaching English as a Foreign Language,” aims to teach learners in a country where English is not their native language. 

  • TESL

TESL, i.e., “Teaching English as a Secondary Language,” focuses on teaching learners in any native English country across the globe. Just like TESOL, the certification can be used abroad as well!

The difference between various English-speaking courses is subtle. All of them help a candidate get a job in the homeland or other countries where English is the primary language. 

Is there any Prerequisite to Pursuing a TESOL Course?

Pursuing a specific degree is unnecessary to get the TESOL certification. Getting a TESOL certificate is the best way to enter the teaching field without a degree. Having a degree offers improved access to job opportunities and boosts the speed of progress. 

A candidate with no prior academic framework can enter the field, but a Bachelor’s degree can offer an edge. In several countries, to teach English, job opportunities require a teaching qualification such as TEFL or TESOL along with a Bachelor’s degree to teach and get a VISA. 

Advantages of Getting a TESOL Certificate

Pursuing a TESOL certificate offers several benefits, which are as follows:

  • Valuable skills in the resume

One of the major benefits of TESOL is that you will have significant skills added to your resume. Showing prospective employers formal training and certificates is a reflection of expertise and dedication towards the field. If the course includes live teaching practice, the training also reflects that the candidate has experience in managing students, which is particularly helpful for the new tutors.

  • Competitive edge

As most employers are looking for English language tutors with a specific qualification, having a TESOL certification boosts the chances of getting hired over other candidates who don’t have one. It is all the more important for candidates looking for job opportunities in international schools and private language institutes, especially where competition is tough. 

  • Promotions and high salaries

In some nations, teachers with TESOL certification get compensated well, depending on the qualification. An accredited TESOL degree can land a candidate into a high-paying job. Pursuing TESOL by working professionals helps get promoted at work and improves the salary prospects.

  • International career

Teaching English in a foreign country is a popular career choice globally. Teaching English offers an excellent opportunity for travellers wishing to stay and travel abroad while earning money.

  • Confident in the classroom

TESOL certification trains a candidate on how to teach the students and manage a classroom. You will learn how to teach abstract grammar topics and assess the students or manage their behaviour.

Cost of TESOL Certificate

The cost of the course varies depending on whether the course is offline or online, the number of hours, and more. The cost of full-time course will be around $1350. The duration of the course is 40 weeks but sometimes teachers finish earlier also. It is better to look for TESOL institutes options and inquire about their cost, of course. This helps with comparison and choosing the right option. 

Tips to Prepare for the TESOL Certificate Program

  • Volunteer before the preparation

Many TESOL aspirants are anxious about the fact that they don’t have teaching experience. However, it is not a prerequisite, and everything about classroom management, structuring, and planning will be taught during the TESOL program. It can help you look for volunteering opportunities around you to get connected to teaching. It offers a taste of teaching and dealing with different people. 

  • Prospects after TESOL program

Completing the TESOL certification will open several doors for career and travel opportunities. Some participants get to travel to different countries. On the other hand, others are interested in looking for teaching positions that help them create a career in the USA. Even if you have no prior clue about what you wish to do after the program, fret not, as the candidate can gain valuable experience and knowledge from the program so that one can make up their mind. The instructor will also explain how and where to look for teaching opportunities. 

  • Find a program that is right for you

With so many options available, finding the right course and centre for the training can be challenging. The search can be tough initially, as part-time, full-time, offline, and online courses are available. Visit the website of the prospective institutes and look for training courses that offer both practical and theoretical knowledge.

When a candidate decides to pursue a Tesol course in Sydney, they must first decide to achieve success and prioritise hard work. Certificate IV in Tesol is a big commitment and needs dedication. It is a transformative experience that offers communication skills and knowledge that will help for the rest of their lives.


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