The best AHU manufacturers in India for industrial applications

The air handling unit, or the AHU, is the most important part of the HVAC system (Heat, ventilation, and air conditioning). The AHU ensures that clean and fresh air is supplied in manufacturing units.

This is of immense importance in biochemical, pharmaceutical, and chemical manufacturing units. There are many best AHU manufacturers in India that manufacture these units in different sizes and mounting types. They ensure that the product quality is superior and perform frequent quality checks and monitoring right from the stage of designing and selecting raw materials.

The best AHU manufacturing company in India:

Syntec airflow systems manufacturers the best air handling units in India. Their intense domain experience and their years of exceptional market knowledge help them to manufacture the best and the finest quality air handling units. The AHUs they manufacture are used for intense ventilation purposes in the commercial, industrial, and residential sectors.

Being the top AHU manufacturer in India, they precisely design the units to mitigate the effects of the dry air that is present in the atmosphere. Manufacturers manufacture air handling units with the help of high-quality raw materials and by following cutting-edge technology. In order to fulfill the requirements of their clients, Syntec manufactures custom air handling units with diverse specifications to their clients.

Their units are known for their functional efficiency and their excellence in performance. Its AHUs are resistant to corrosion and have a very long service life. They are known for optimum functionality and easy maintenance as well.

Importance of air handling units in commercial manufacturing:

The AHU is the most important part of the HVAC system. The main aim of this unit is to ensure the supply of clean, comfortable, and fresh air in the manufacturing unit. It is mandatory for the air to be pure in the biochemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing sectors. If the air is not clean, it might result in the formation of mold and mildew. The AHU installation will avoid such instances.

The top AHU manufacturers in India ensure that the units are made with a combination of UV and high-efficiency pre-filters to eliminate about 99% of bacteria. Also, its UV zone technology ensures it kills airborne bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens easily. Industrial air handlers also condition the air so that it is clean. It also circulates throughout the building. Generally, these systems are on rooftops and help to condition the outdoor air only.


What are the standard features of any AHU?

The standard features of air handling units are that they should filter and purify the air to maintain good quality air. They help to control indoor temperatures and also help to monitor indoor humidity levels.

Parts of the air handling unit:

The industrial air handling units are large. They are capable of running for days or weeks at a time, and they require regular maintenance. The majority of the air handling units comprise similar components, namely the

  • Fans,
  • Filters,
  • Coils
  • Supply ducts

The air filters will help to clean the air that passes through it. The heading coils help to regulate the temperature. Their humidifier helps to improve the quality of the air. Some of the AHUs have mixing chambers. These help to cool the warm and cool air and play a major role in regulating temperature. They also make use of dampers to control the quantum of air that either enters or exits the building.

They will also have mechanical blowers and fans to increase the airflow. In the AHU for industrial units, there will be multiple fans. Each of them runs at a different speed. In some units, there are heat recovery devices to recover the heat loss and mitigate the quantum of energy use.

Air handler units also have a range of controls. They help to increase or decrease the airflow rate. Some AHU manufacturers in India ensure that their system has an automation system to control the entire building.

Bottom Line:

The industrial air handling systems focus on running a healthy and clean indoor unit where heavy manufacturing takes place. The best AHU manufacturers in India prepare high-end air handling units to regulate, recondition, and circulate air to maintain a proper indoor environment in the manufacturing sector.

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