8 AngularJS Example Applications and Websites that Standouts in the Crowd

Various companies trust AngularJS for their websites or web apps. Angular is a product of Google, released in 2010 for building intuitive user interfaces. The framework provides various out-of-the-box tools and significant flexibility for designing easy-to-use yet immersive user interfaces.

Over the last decade, Google has released more than ten updates to refine this popular JavaScript framework with the latest technology trends and integrations. This makes Angular stay ahead in the fierce battle of top front-end frameworks. Google, Gmail, YouTube, and other world-class apps have been developed using angular only.

This article will tell you about AngularJS example applications to give you a sneak peek into its popularity. Here are they:

  • Google
  • Gmail
  • Upwork
  • PayPal
  • Forbes
  • The Guardian
  • Samsung
  • Adobe

Before we begin learning how the above-listed companies are Angular JS app examples, let’s investigate what makes it a popular option for building websites and apps.

Why do Top Companies and Startups Use Angular for Building Websites and Apps?

Using AngularJS for IT projects benefit companies in the following ways:


Declarative UI

Angular uses HTML to properly define the application’s user interface, which is a less convoluted language. HTML is also a declarative and intuitive language, making it easier to build smooth navigational properties for the web application.

Helps you Build PWA

Businesses can save money with AngularJS development Company by building screen-responsive progressive web apps as the framework provides various handy features. Making PWAs is like developing lightweight apps that power the business with native capabilities like push notifications, home-screen shortcuts, etc. Thus, they are proven cost-effective solutions for appealing presences over the web and mobile.

Ideal for Developing Single Page Apps

Single-page apps are SEO-friendly and also allow users to access everything on one page only. They provide users with improved speed and performance, making them ideal for developing simple and complex business apps.

Follows MVC Architecture

The added benefit of using AngularJS for web and mobile apps is the presence of the MVC (Model-View-Controller) software architectural setup. The architecture requires developers to divide the app into three MVC components instead of splitting it. This makes the Angular and MVVM (Model-View-View-Model) design structures much more similar.

Ultimately, the MVC architecture eliminates the need to write heavy code for the application structure and performance. So you can easily build lightweight and fast response apps using the AngularJS framework.

High Code Consistency

Inconsistent code leads to undesirable delays and increases the project’s development cost. In contrast, frameworks and technologies that support consistent coding lead to quicker project development and robust code. Angular comes with several code snippets and well-defined templates that make creating consistent code for the web application development project easier.

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That was all about why startups and established enterprises trust using Angular to build web and mobile apps.

Here are the Top 8 Websites and Apps Built with Angular

1.      Google

AngularJS has been developed and is maintained by Google itself. The tech giant has crafted its market skillfully by deploying Angular to build world-class products like Google Play Store, Google Voice, etc. Google Play store is used by more than 2.5 billion monthly active users.

2.      Gmail

The next Angular JS app example in line is also a product of Google. The global email application, Gmail, has been designed and developed using the AngularJS frontend framework.

While there are several email applications, none matches the intuitiveness offered by the Gmail app. People of all generations, including GenY, GenZ, and millennials, find it easy to use Gmail for their regular work. It has over 1.8 billion active users as of 2023.

3.      Upwork

The American freelancing platform Upwork has been designed using the AngularJs framework. The freelancing platform has significantly increased the number of users during and post covid.

Angular developers have done a commendable job designing a complex platform with easy-to-use interfaces. The advanced functionalities and seamless navigation of Upwork have garnered the company more than 5 million active users on the platform.

4.      PayPal

The popular online payment system with 435+ million active accounts as of 2023, PayPal uses Angular to offer cutting-edge security measures to users. The website and the mobile app of PayPal use the Angular framework and offer smooth real-time transactions.

With PayPal using Angular, fintech companies can easily trust this robust framework for building up-to-date apps. Hire AngularJS developers India to craft secure and powerful web apps.

5.      Forbes

The globally renowned subscription-based magazine Forbes, with a reach of over 150 million people across all platforms, leverages Angular for its front end. With Angular, the magazine emperor ensures high scalability for a growing audience and seamless updates of stories and articles over the web page.

6.      The Guardian

The renowned newspaper of the UK, The Guardian, has a record of 35.6 million adults accessing its content. Catering to a massive audience and an ever-growing demand, they use AngularJs for their web app.

This shows the possible level of scalability companies can achieve using the angular JavaScript framework. Additionally, the screens-responsiveness feature of the Angular framework ensures a great UX for mobile and desktop users. 

7.      Samsung

The smartphone provider of 1.033 billion, Samsung, built its foundation using the Angular framework. Although the company started in the times of physical stores, the current era of ecommerce has urged Samsung to build screen-responsive websites using the JavaScript AngularJS framework. The Samsung Forward Page uses Angular 6.1.2 with mobile-friendly features for providing a seamless shopping experience to people shopping online.

8.      Adobe

Among the top AngularJs example applications, Adobe is another recognizable name. The multinational company uses Angular to power its website with intuitive user interfaces. The company has launched successful products like Acrobat DC, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Adobe XD.

Wrapping Up

That was all about the top AngularJS App examples. The framework provides various futuristic capabilities like MVC architecture, handy code snippets, and support for testing for building up-to-date websites and applications. From healthcare, IT, and Tourism to Fintech, Angular can be used to build a range of successful applications. A Web Development Outsourcing Company in India can develop your web application project at an affordable cost


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