Common Causes of Server Downtime You Should Know

The server is down! It is a sentence that always irritates you, but it is inevitable unless you place preventive measures on the table. Business servers are often down, but it should not be as detrimental and hectic as it often is. Wise server and business website owners can eliminate common causes of server downtime with effective planning and preventive measures. Since server downtime can affect your business productivity, you must never overlook it. This post will uncover common causes of server downtime; you should know to eliminate them and keep your server running. Keep walking with us to learn more!

Common Causes of Server Downtime:

Technical persons often know the reason behind a down server, but what if you don’t have a technical background? You can’t wander around your server to find out what is wrong, and the issue will take more than forever to solve. Why not equip your mind with the basic causes to stay on the safer side next time? We have compiled a few common causes of server downtime! Let us roll through the list without any further ado!

1. Network outage:

The server cannot communicate with other computers during a network outage, which stops work completely. Network disruptions are challenging since they can be brought on by everything from router malfunctions to cable cutting to issues with internet service providers. As a result, solving the issue temporarily may work one time but not the next.

You should have backups to keep operations from being impacted by network disruptions. Additionally, you must always keep your networking hardware in good working order. To make it simpler for your IT team to resolve network issues, ensure your personnel is trained to troubleshoot or, at the very least, localize them.

2. Human Faults:

Human errors can cause server downtime – sometimes, if not all the time. Therefore, it would be best to leave the server game to tech experts who know how to deal with server-related tasks and problems. Being a newbie to the game, you must never test your technical skills, as your business can suffer severe productivity losses due to a server downtime issue.

Dealing with server management and configuration often sounds like a hectic task that demands extra attention and time. Why not leave the task to dedicated experts by opting for managed web hosting plans? It sounds wise, and you must contact top Hosting companies in Dubai to begin the process!

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3. Hardware issues:

Servers often operate around the clock, and much like any other machine, wear and tear eventually causes shutdowns. Hardware damage can result from tragedies, mishaps, and wear and tear from repeated use. Any of these, individually or in combination, may be severe enough to destroy the server infrastructure.

You can avoid downtime brought on by hardware failure by implementing an effective backup strategy. To maintain redundancy, many firms use cloud-based server solutions as backups. They have a cloud-based server as a backup should their physical location become unusable for any reason, especially for an extended time. Additionally, you should plan routine server maintenance inspections to find and address any issues before they result in a power outage.

4. Software problems:

What if your hardware is working fine, and you still face a server downtime issue? Have you checked on your software? There it comes! Software problems could be a leading cause of server downtime, and you should be sharp enough to spot it quickly! Failures, bugs, and software freezes are common on servers that use unregularly reviewed and updated software.

Therefore, it’s crucial to invest in skilled personnel knowledgeable about maintaining your server software. Specialists in server software can ensure that all server software is safe, updated, and maintained in the least intrusive way possible.

5. Server host issue:

What if you have purchased a less-expensive hosting server that does not promise a 99% promise time? Or what if they have promised you but are not delivering? Your business will face the consequences either way! Unreliable hosting companies often promise you resources and higher uptime, but they turn out to be nothing but scammers at times. Better watch out for these players!

The best you can do is to connect with a reliable web hosting company and purchase efficient server resources. It will help you keep your server up and running without facing any downtime issues. Who but reliable Dubai Hosting companies can help your cause? Call them today and purchase a steadfast hosting plan for your site!

Take your online business operations to the next level!

Online businesses often face contemporary issues, and you must develop viable solutions. Some issues are easily solved, but others, like server-related ones, will test your patience. The best way to avoid server-related problems is to purchase a hosting platform from a reliable web hosting company. Call them today to take your online business operations to the next level!

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