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Custom-Made Wardrobe in a Modern Style. Ergonomics in Every Detail

Currently, a modern closet is not only a system for storing things, but also an element of interior design . Not only the design of cabinets and the materials used in their manufacture have changed, but also the basic principles of designing this type of furniture.

The peculiarity of all modern custom-made cabinet furniture , as well as its main philosophy, is the placement in a small space of a multifunctional product with an ultra-modern “designer” appearance . Let’s look at the basic principles in a little more detail.

The first basic principle of modern custom-made cabinets is the “integration” of some functional modules into others . Combining cabinets with other interior elements (for example, cabinets, open shelves, hangers or decor) allows you not only to make the most of the space in the room, but also to give the furniture a non-standard (non-IKEA) appearance.

The second principle is a combination of certain decors of board materials (chipboard, MDF and LMDF). In addition to ergonomics, minimalist monochromatic or, conversely, progressive “grunge” decors of slab materials will allow you to create a unique wardrobe in a modern style.

Types of modern cabinets

By type, cabinets can be divided by purpose (by room):

1. Hallway in a modern style

Hallways in almost all types of housing are small or small spaces. That is why it is very important to rationally use every cubic centimeter of space. The main (and often the only) piece of furniture in the hallway is a closet. Structurally, it must integrate all the necessary functional elements : an open hanger with hooks, closed and open sections, drawers for shoes and small items, shelves for umbrellas, hats and bags, and a place to sit. For example, it could be a cabinet with a drawer inserted into the main body, which immediately provides a drawer, a shelf for keys, and a shelf inside the main module.

The “soft” space is often integrated into the closet in combination with hanger-hooks in the hallway, which is another functional solution for a small entrance area. You can provide a mirror on the cabinet doors or in the niche behind the seat. In addition, the seat can be made with a hinged lid like a chest.

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Hidden facades in the hallway are a real trend in recent years. They are matched to the color of the walls or floor. This technique helps to visually reduce the volume of furniture. Usually built-in wardrobes or wardrobes are made hidden, but hinged ones can also be “dissolved” in the wall. To use the entire usable area, make a frame from floor to ceiling. If you choose the right color, it will not look too massive.

2.Modern style wardrobe

Distinctive features of various options for modern custom-made wardrobes:

Of course, the straight wardrobe reigns, which looks extremely minimalist. Trending design techniques in 2023 include:

  • straight lines;
  • strict forms;
  • pure colors;

In other words, the less the storage system looks like a storage system, the more it appears to be part of the wall, the better. Smooth facades, inconspicuous finishes and discreet profile handles rule the roost here.

In contrast to the laconicism and extreme simplification of recent years, the trend also represents a more familiar comfort. This is where the smooth and unhurried return of textures and interesting design solutions begins. The trend is soft minimalism, which is less strict and straightforward, which is reflected in several cabinet design options:

Relief facades

Small or large waves, serifs, stripes. This is not very practical, but if you look at the visualizations of most modern designers, we will see texture everywhere – in the bathroom, in the bedroom, and in the living room. The monotony remains, but now they stand out, the difference in surfaces is emphasized.

Frames and a distinctly contrasting profile

Black racks and guides in combination with white facades create an original appearance of the furniture. But the division and emphasis of forms goes further: the façade is visually divided into sections using large frames that have no structural purpose and are used only for decoration.

Inserts of wood texture or other materials

The difference in textures and textures, elevated to the absolute. The smooth MDF canvas is broken up by a board that most closely resembles parquet laid in a herringbone pattern. This concept allows you to make the coupe both stylish and laconic, turning it into an accent in the interior. You don’t even have to hang pictures – the closet will play the role.

Transparent doors

They are being made more and more often, and not only for sliding systems installed in the bedroom, but also for the living room, kitchen, corridor, and nursery. The interior space of the shelves is visible, skillfully decorated with lighting. This allows you to achieve an unusual visual effect, but requires a lot of effort from the owners to maintain order in the closet. The backlight can be the usual warm yellow, cool white or even colored, different in each section.


The treated façade fabric will appeal to those who are tired of minimalistic practicality and prefer neoclassicism and the warmth of Provence. Good news: cozy is back in fashion.

We will separately include in the category of modern cabinets the “neoclassical” style, which is a combination of modern simplicity and classical elements. Most often, hinged cabinets are presented in this category.

3.Working area (office) in a modern style

A particularly popular modern trend when designing a work area is the integration of a desk with a cabinet and a pencil case (bookcase). Three main directions can be distinguished:

This is due, first of all, to the nature of the work. Such a model will be an ideal solution due to the need to have many folders with documents and other printed materials on hand. This allows you not to be distracted and not have to get up to take the required documents.

Another place to organize your workspace can be a window sill.

If the design of the window opening allows the installation of a wide window sill, it can be used as a full-fledged table or an extension of the tabletop. For example, it can become a comfortable workplace in a nursery, office or bedroom. The best option in this case would be to integrate the tabletop with such elements of the work interior as cabinets or shelving, located on the sides of the window and representing its natural frame.

It is enough to show a little imagination and a small narrow space can easily turn into a cozy corner where it is pleasant to retire and relax. Or vice versa – work quietly.

The most convenient option is to place the workplace at one of the ends of the balcony. Narrow tables 70-100 cm wide are suitable. Several hanging shelves or modules with hinged facades can be placed on top.

4.TV area in a modern style

The design of the TV area also has several modern solutions that have become popular recently:

You can order a narrow hanging cabinet (for part of the wall or the entire wall), add lighting under the cabinet, creating the illusion of floating. Above the cabinet, organize a hanging narrow pencil case or/and a rack for decor and books. An alternative can be simple hanging shelves or voluminous decor.

A number of owners of living spaces find the solution in which the TV is placed on a blank, plain wall too minimalistic. One of the modern alternative options for a softer and more discreet integration of the TV into the living space is to place it in an open storage system. Such a storage system can be a rack for decor (books) or an open part of a cabinet. Thus, it is as if we are visually “recessing and embedding” the technology, creating a holistic and harmonious composition.

This variation combines TV and work area. It is ideal for small spaces where maximum ergonomics is required.

Materials and design

The traditional modern material of the body and facades is laminated chipboard . Now there are many options for covering it. Feel free to choose matte surfaces and very realistic wood imitations. No gloss.

MDF is on trend. This is the most natural of modern materials, not counting, of course, glass and solid wood. The small particles, formed into a slab by hot pressing, are coated with paint or film, milled or processed in any other way.

Interesting and unusual solutions include frosted glass , which becomes translucent with the help of special processing. A matte finish that does not reflect light, preserving only the silhouettes behind the facade, combines well with any other materials.

If you need a mirror , then the best option is to place it in a full frame, not with inserts.


There are more matte finishes than glossy ones. Even glass and plastic lose their shine and reflective properties. They remain only in the mirrors for which they are natural. Paint is also increasingly being chosen with a matte or semi-matte finish.

Wood textures are still in trend, but lately design experts have suggested using either veneer or not imitating them: honest plastic is better than a sloppy fake wood look.


Filling is one of the most important selection criteria, because behind a beautiful façade you need to hide a lot of things. The filling volume depends on the model and dimensions of the cabinet, and the individual requirements of future owners.

Here it is worth considering in which room the wardrobe will be installed, because, in addition to the above, furniture for the bedroom or living room can be supplemented with a niche for a TV.

Let’s look at the main content elements:

  • Open shelves for linen;
  • drawers for jewelry, accessories;
  • compartments with rods of different heights;
  • shelves for shoes and bags;
  • hooks designed for light items: scarves, beach bags, hats and others.

The ideal option is to create a custom cabinet based on a unique design. In this case, it will fully comply with the specific layout of the room and individual requirements for its internal organization.

Color features in different rooms

Using this type of furniture you can create an accent zone in the room. The classic solution, which is most often chosen for the bedroom and living room, is a white or gray wardrobe , complemented by glass, mirror or metal elements. This model will decorate rooms decorated in modern, Scandinavian and similar styles that require a light color palette.

When choosing cabinets for the hallway, you should pay attention to models painted in dark colors : walnut, wenge, olive, mahogany, truffle and others. Furniture installed in the hallway is exposed to negative factors, but on dark facades minor dirt and scratches are not as noticeable as on light ones. However, when searching for the perfect color, it is worth considering the area of ​​the room, because a dark palette can visually reduce it.

For a children’s room, you can order bright cabinets that combine pink, yellow, scarlet and other rich shades. A child of any age will be pleased with a model with photo printing: princesses, fairy-tale animals, favorite cartoon characters, castles, dragons or patterns.

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A functional modern wardrobe is successfully used in the design of large and small rooms. Bright and plain products will become a real decoration of the living room, hallway, bedroom and other rooms, simplifying the process of storing personal belongings, accessories, and bed linen.

Conclusion: Modern Cabinets 2024

Currently, simple built-in and cabinet storage systems, organized in such a way as to accommodate the maximum of what is necessary, remain relevant. They can be wardrobe or multifunctional, combined with workstations and TV units. The finishing of the body and facades is dominated by a natural color palette and familiar materials: laminated chipboard, MDF. However, it is allowed to use frosted glass, plastic, metal, and a combination of several textures in one item.

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