A Quick User Guide to Export Emails from Gmail to MSG File Format

Summary: Hey guys! Are you struggling to export emails from Gmail to MSG? Your struggle is about to end Because you have come to the right platform. We perceive your problem, so we are going to discuss a solution related to your problem. Gmail is one of the most popular email client in the market, many institutes and big organizations depend upon the Gmail. But sometimes situations push the user to export from one file format to another. Before going for further process you should gain some basic knowledge about MSG and Gmail. We have discussed below.

MSG: MS Outlook the MSG file format specifically. MSG contains emails, received from the other email clients. It can also contain tasks, calendars, and other MS Outlook products.

We will further discuss the facilities of Gmail. Before going ahead let’s see some reasons to export Gmail to MSG.

Gmail: Gmail is a free web-based email client that provides secure and reliable email services. It comes with quite good space of 15 GB. Users can search for a message specifically. Gmail organizes emails very systematically. It can be access from the tablet laptop, mobile and the other compatible devices. Users can chat with other Gmail users in real time

Possible Reasons Behind Export Emails from Gmail to MSG

There could be various reasons behind the migration we will discuss them one by one. It varies from user to user. Gmail provides many good facilities to their clients compared to the other email clients.MSG file format can be described as a single file for storage, MS Outlook is used. and Exchange servers. Some possible reasons are mentioned below. You can read them.

  • MSG files can be used in legal activities. User can use their MSG file as evidence in the courtroom.
  • Storage could be a prominent reason to Save Gmail email as MSG. If your storage gets full you can take a backup in MSG format.
  • MSG is one of the most secure file formats.
  • Migration from one email client to another. If the user wants to switch email client then conversion is required.

These are some common reasons behind the Gmail to MSG migration. You can read them to complete the process without any problem.

Approaches Used to Export Gmail Emails to MSG

How do I save a Gmail email as a MSG file? Still, this query stuck in mind. To solve this problem we will use two easy approaches to export emails from Gmail to MSG. The first approach will be the manual approach and the second one will be an automated approach. Let’s see our first approach

The Manual Approach to Save Gmail Email as MSG

You need to install Outlook on your system. If you have already installed Outlook then your 50% problem has been solved. See carefully further process to export Gmail to MSG. Some settings have to change then you can easily complete the migration process.

Phase 1: Add Gmail Account to Outlook

  • Open the File menu option in Outlook and choose File>>Add Account.
  • Now enter your password to the connection.
  • Now Gmail window will appear, sign in with your password.
  • Verify with the OTP received on the mobile, for two-step authentication.
  • Click the Allow button to give permissions,
  • Lastly, Click Done, your Gmail account has been added successfully to Outlook.

(Note: Skip steps 4 and 5 if two-step verification is not enabled in your Gmail account.)

Phase 2: Export Gmail Emails to MSG FileFormat

  • If you have completed the above process successfully, your all emails will appear in the Outlook application.
  • Now drag and drop the emails that you want to save into MSG file format.
  • You will receive a .msg format with the same name.

Every free stuff can not be considered good. That’s why the manual method depends on the effort you make to complete your task. However, You can export Emails from Gmail to MSG one by one by repeating the same process. No doubt it is a free method but it comes with certain limitations. In spite of so many limitations, you can still complete your task. While on the other hand automated solution comes with no limitations.

  • It is a very lengthy and time-consuming process.
  • There is a high chance of data alteration. Human errors can appear.
  • Users must have some technical knowledge. It needs lots of technical expertise.

An automated approach to Export Gmail Emails to MSG

You can use the Gmail Migration Tool. Since it is the most convenient tool for backing up Gmail, Contacts, Calendars, and other Google Workspace items, You can save your mailbox items into many other distinct file formats such as PST, MBOX, PDF, HTML, etc., and also delete attachments in Gmail after saving the attachments in a PDF format. It also allows users to migrate from Gmail to Yahoo Mail, Yandex, AOL, etc. It is embedded with many other advanced features and comes with a free demo version and technical support. You can follow the mentioned steps for the migration process.

  • Download the Gmail Migration tool and launch it.
  • Select Google Workspace, fill in all the email IDs, and hit the sign-in button.
  • Now log in to your account in the browser and give the permissions.
  • Choose any Google product.
  • Now select the MSG file format from the list.
  • At last, Go to the migration and click on the convert option.

Finally, your migration process has been completed without any problem. You can also convert your Gmail file into other file formats. If you follow these mentioned steps carefully there is no chance of data alteration, So we advise you to perform all the steps with precaution.


After all, You have successfully exported from Gmail to MSG file format. In this blog, we explained two prominent methods. You need to follow these steps systematically. However, while following the manual technique, you will face various issues like data corruption, and data loss. Therefore, for a safe and secure conversion process, we suggest using a professional method to Export Emails from Gmail to MSG.

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