Fashion and Beauty Icons: Celebrating the Intersection of Style and Glamour

From Mahira Khan to Hania Aamir, why are they called true fashion icons? And the question is, what makes them iconic? Well, one thing remains the same wherever and whenever they step out: their fashion game is always on point. Moreover, these ladies inspire people to imitate their inimitable looks. With online dress shopping in Pakistan, one can easily pull off the inspired look of their favourites

They are A-listers who have never ditched their true fashion identity, whether it’s a desi attire or a Western chic look, over the years. With time, people have witnessed that these ladies have consistently pulled off challenging looks with grace, redefining beauty and style. Whether it’s about wardrobe, accessories, styling, or makeup, they always score well in all areas.

Celebrate all these ladies who effortlessly pushed the boundaries and redefined what it really means to be a style icon. Let’s take inspiration from them, to develop our look too!

1.  Mahira Khan

Since her debut, she has earned a huge fan following, not just here, but on a global level. She always pulled a fashionista look in every outfit, be it a formal kurta or a chic dress for the red carpet. but her white kurtas will always be on top among all.

She inspired people to carry style and grace even in simple outfits. For her style and great fashion sense, her name was included in the list of BBC’s inspirational women. She always manages to stand out unique which makes her a true fashion diva.

2.  Saba Qamar

A true fashion diva, Saba Qamar, known for her unique style and flawless sense of fashion has made her name in the list of South Asia’s fashion icons. However, she has mastered the art of grabbing all spotlights on her which makes her an absolute stunner.

Whether it’s a designer dress for special occasions or a simple one from reputable women clothing brands in Pakistan, she always manages to rock the look. Whenever she uploads something on her social media, she breaks the internet with her perfect looks.

3.  Hania Aamir

Hania Amir gives Pakistani fashion a fresh life with her daring decisions, expanding the limitations and grabbing the interest of fashion fans all over the world. The current leading actress in the Pakistani industry, Hania Aamir highly recognized for her unique fashion style. She has the audacity to elevate the fusion of Western and Eastern aesthetics, which now become her signature style.

However, she has made her captivating identity because of her ability to rock traditional pieces with modern silhouettes. Her perspective refutes the idea that fashion must rigidly follow tradition and inspires people to experiment and develop their own sense of style.

4.  Syra Yousuf

From short bob, and side bangs, to sharp fingers, Syra loves to experiment with different looks on her, and with no doubt, she rocked all looks. Her philosophy of just not wearing the clothes, but carrying the look with confidence, she makes head turns on her.

However, the audacity to play with different hair looks inspires people to carry challenging looks with beauty and grooming essential at low prices. Moreover, she incredibly keeps herself in line with leading trends and always pairs her outfits with the best and unique accessories.

5.  Mawra Hocane

Highly renowned actress and fashion icon, Mawra left her impression on the fashion landscape with her trendsetting looks and unique style. However, the former VJ has the ability to blend contemporary fashion and elegance effortlessly. She always captivates her followers with her looks and has developed a significant following of fashion devotees who look to her for aesthetic inspiration.

Mawra has always made a statement with her wardrobe, whether it be a cool formal attire, a casual street style look, or a red carpet. One thing that makes her style unique is that she always complements her attire with unique accessories.

6.  Ayesha Omar

Being the most stylish host on TV, she is always seen rocking her attire like a fairytale. However, she believes that her own statement and form of expression, style is somewhat more significant than fashion. Moreover, her commendable fashion sense and jaw-dropping styling always grab the attention.

Whether she arrives at any promotional event in formal attire or on award nights, she manages to rock her look with the same grace.


Lastly, they played a huge role in changing the fashion game in Pakistan with a more individual approach. For example, the search analytics of online dress shopping in Pakistan define how the iconic Mahira Khan black dress is still ruling the hearts. Fashion is not just about following what’s in trend, but finding how can you pull off the look.

With the inspiration of the timeless beauty of fashion and style icons, one can craft that you don’t need expensive designer clothes to be a true fashionista. Instead, knowing how to style the dress with perfect accessories and confidence is the utmost key.

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