How to Get Food Manufacturing Certifications for a Food Business?

Running a food business requires you to have proper food manufacturing certifications to ensure that your food is safe. In addition, customers prefer to get their food items from a reliable and legible business. Thus, if you are planning to start a food business, you need to know how to get those food manufacturing certifications. Well then, let’s find out!

What Are Food Manufacturing Certifications?

Simply put, we must say that food manufacturing is no different than other businesses. Why?

For sure, you will need TQM or total quality management when running this business. The quality management we are talking about here means the certifications and standards you need. After all, without any certifications, no customer will have trust in your business.

So, have a look at some food certifications you need to understand!

Food Safety System Certification

The Food Safety System Certification provides some standards for food manufacturers. For example, it provides standards for an entirely voluntary standard. This means that the food manufacturers do not need to have any certifications to do business.

On the other hand, for sure, we know that getting certifications for your business  will build more trust in customers. Moreover, certifications will help in strengthening your relationships with partners, employees and even vendors. Thus, we must say that certification is highly essential for growing food manufacturers.

The Global Food Safety Initiative

Generally speaking, The Global Food Safety Initiative doesn’t actually provide any form of certification. However, it helps in maintaining the quality and safety management certifications. Accordingly, the food industry accepts and recognizes their certifications as the standards.In brief, all the certifications in their list cover the same terms of content.

More importantly, we know that food manufacturing is a massive industry. In this regard, specific standards will better suit different parts of the industry.

Well, there are many points these certifications cover, including:

  • Ready-to-eat food manufacturers
  • Dairy factories
  • Large-scale bakeries
  • Canned food processors
  • Grains processors
  • Slaughterhouses

Of course, all of the above points run the businesses and operate differently. Thus, there is a need for a specific set of standards.

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO)

You might know about The International Organization for Standardization. Yes, ISO is the world’s largest independent developer of voluntary international standards. In fact, this organization reaches across business practices of all types. This means that it reaches businesses beyond food manufacturing.

So, there are two ISO standards that apply to quality management within the food industry.

What are they?

  • ISO 22000
  • ISO 9001, which is gaining traction these days

Perhaps you heard about ISO 9001. This one is popular as the international standard for a quality management system. The reason for its popularity is that it demonstrates the ability of a food manufacturing business to consistently provide its products and services. Plus, it certifies that the business meets customers’ demand. Most importantly, it also shows that the business is complying to regulatory requirements.

Furthermore, this ISO 9001 applies to all service and manufacturing industries of all sizes. What types of industries?

  • Food manufacturers
  • Restaurants
  • Consultancies
  • Construction
  • Engineering
  • Healthcare

What Are the Best Food Safety Certifications?

When it comes to running a food business, getting a certification in food safety procedures is important. Why?

Because it can help you improve your skills in other competitions. Just imagine the standards you need from manufacturing your food to packing them in custom printed gable boxes. In this context, you will need to know the right way.

Well, the good thing is, you can take some courses to decide which course is best for food safety.

Let’s check out some best food safety certifications you should consider!

Preventive Controls Certification

You can get Preventive Controls Certification provided by The Food Safety Preventive Controls Alliance.

In general, this certification means that you have mastered some points, like:

  • Prep cooks
  • Safety planners
  • Required training

Certified Food Scientist

Consider getting a Certified Food Scientist Certification from the Institute of Food Technologists.

This course you will need to get this certification covers the basic concepts and practices of food science.

What are they?

  • Food safety and microbiology
  • Quality assurance and control
  • Regulatory practices

Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point Certification

Next, you can consider getting an SGS course. This course provides certification in Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point.

From the course, you will understand better about:

  • Food safety auditing
  • Preparation
  • Service

Food Handling Certificate

Another course to consider is getting a Food Handling Certificate from the Academy of Applied Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Overall, the course will teach you more about the handling and preparation of food, such as:

  • Line cooks
  • The roles of food preparation
  • Food service positions

How Do I Get a Food Safety Certificate in California?

To get the right one, you should take a course from a reliable food handling certification California.

So, here are the steps you should take!

Check All the Requirements

First of all, you must check on state and local regulatory information. By doing this, you can decide what type of training and certification you need.

Choose from the Training and Exam Options

Make sure you choose the training and exam options that best meet your needs. Plus, the training and exam options should help you with regulatory requirements. To manage your schedule, you can use different formats for the course and exam. Even better, you can consider taking an instructor-led course and an online exam.

Follow the Course with Dedication

To improve your skills, you should follow the course with dedication. Most importantly, you should complete your training properly.

Take Exam

Once you can pass the exam, you will receive your food safety certification. Accordingly, this certification will help you start your food business.

Wrapping Up

Indeed, running a food business requires you to have proper food manufacturing certifications to ensure that your food is safe. Overall, remember that customers also prefer to purchase their food items from a reliable and legible business. This way, they will build trust in your food business. Thus, certifications are necessary for your business to succeed. So, make sure you get the required certifications for your food business

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