How Can You Keep Your Car Safe from the Sun?


Drivers may believe car maintenance is limited to routine drivetrain inspections and repairs when something goes wrong. However, with cars surviving longer than ever, there is a chance that your vehicle will come in direct contact with the weather for extended periods. Fortunately, simple, low-cost methods can protect your car from the sun.

How to Prevent Sun Damage to Your Car?

Most automotive sun damage is treatable or preventable with a car cover for sun protection and smart parking habits. You can protect your car from the sun by preserving the paint and the inside. This includes parking indoors or in the shade with a windscreen or window screens, maintaining car seats, and frequently washing/waxing your car.

Maintain the Paint of Your Vehicle

It’s vital to understand the two ways the sun can destroy your car’s paint work when selecting how to protect your car from the sun. Constant UV radiation exposure can cause the paint’s transparent coat to deteriorate (e.g., oxidation).

Sun damage to an automobile happens gradually, causing the paint to degrade, fade in colour, and acquire a crusty, white surface. If you don’t buy car accessories online or leave them untreated, they may begin to peel and fall off.

The interaction of the sun with foreign substances, particularly acidic compounds, leads to the second most prevalent type of solar damage on a car’s paint. Even moderate acids can degrade the colour of your vehicle over time, and the process is accelerated in the sun. Mild acids are commonly found in bird droppings, dead bugs, and dust.

If your paint’s clear coat begins to disintegrate, use a dual-action polish and a paint oxidation agent to restore it. Consider parking the vehicle in a garage or covering it with a car cover. Polishing or waxing regularly can also help extend your paint job’s life.

If acidic compounds are destroying the paint of your car, wash it on a regular basis to keep undesired substances from gathering. Waxing (or having your car waxed) as part of your regular car washing routine can also help protect your clear coat.

Keep Your Car’s Inside in Good Condition

The interior of an automobile, like the exterior, can deteriorate when exposed to direct sunlight for a lengthy time. In addition to UV light damage, leaving a car in the sun can produce intense heat buildup, which can also cause inside damage.

Plastic cracking and fading upholstery are two common problems. Leather upholstery takes more upkeep than fabric furniture. Manufacturers treat leather for toughness and longevity, but it is still more susceptible to sun damage than fabric.

You can’t easily protect your car from the sun, so focus on car seat prevention once it’s happened—Park in the shadow to keep the interior cool and out of direct sunlight. The dashboard is especially prone to cracking because it frequently receives the most direct sunlight.

If you can’t park your car in a garage, a sun shield, window shades, or a car cover can protect the interior. Follow the manufacturer’s leather seat care and maintenance guidelines, especially when moisturising or conditioning the leather. Discover the distinction between fabric and leather automobile seats.

Other Factors to Consider When Safeguarding Your Car from the Sun

The sun’s rays can cause your car to overheat. If you must leave your car in the sun, take special care of the cooling system. If your air conditioner isn’t working correctly, have it checked because it could indicate a more significant problem?


Most drivers understand what getting into a car sitting in the sun for a few hours is like. As it turns out, scorching hot car interiors aren’t just unpleasant. Extreme sunlight and high temperatures may wreak havoc on automobiles over time. The experts are talking about flaking paint, faded upholstery, frequent overheating, dashboard cracks, and, in some cases, engine failure.

You most likely do not want your car to age prematurely. Fortunately, you don’t have to. There are various methods for protecting your vehicle from sun damage. These precautions will protect your car from the sun much better.

Summer heat is terrible on cars, just like it is for people. Warm weather, scorching roads, dry air, and long drives to the beach may all deteriorate your prized automobile. The good news is that following some or all of these easy suggestions will help your car age more gracefully. They are simple to adopt and can save you much money in the long run.

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