How to Protect Your Gaming PC from Getting Malware and Viruses

Computer viruses are malicious software that infects a computer and hijacks its resources to self-replicate. Computer viruses inject their malicious code into files or programs. Thus, it causes several damages, including erasing, corrupting, and stealing sensitive data.

So, computer viruses are spread by self-replication. Once a virus enters your Mac or PC, they make a lot of copies of themselves. They spread through infected email attachments, malicious links, and poisoned macros.

Email is one of the most widespread malware delivery procedures. However, malware can also spread through file sharing. To deal with such problems, this post will discuss how to protect gaming PCs from malware and viruses.

5 Manual Methods to Protect Gaming PCs from Viruses

If you are a game addict, you won’t want your PC to behave weirdly or perform poorly. Hence, let’s proceed towards the best manual methods to protect gaming PCs from viruses.

Method 1: Keep the Operating System Updated

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Dating the recommended updates for your PC’s operating system is vital to protect your gaming PC. These updates are not released only to keep your software brand new with the latest features. These updates include security patches to fix bugs and loopholes in the current version of the operating system.

Method 2: Use Stronger Authentication

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Many emails, social media and financial accounts allow the use of stronger authentication methods. These methods usually include one-time passwords, fingerprints, or other features that ensure the user can access the account.

Method 3: Choose Strong Passwords Always

To protect gaming PCs from malware, you must protect your devices and accounts from intruders by choosing strong passwords. Hence, always select hard passwords that are hard to guess. The password must include at least eight characters, special characters, and a combination of letters.

However, some hackers use programs that can try every word in the dictionary and easily find personal information like date of birth. Hence, use a phrase to help remember your password, using the first letter of every word in that phrase. For example, Twi@b The world is a beautiful place.

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Also, choose unique passwords for every online account, including social media, financial institution, or email. For several passwords, you can use password manager software as well.

Method 4: Don’t Install Pirated Games and Software

Pirated copies of video games, software, and media files may include codes that bring spyware or malicious software to your gaming PC. Hence, to protect your gaming PCs from viruses, make sure not to install pirated games and software.

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Pirated files may save some of your money but can affect your system in the long run. Besides, it is illegal to use pirated games and software. They post several threats to your gaming PC.

Method 5: Install Antivirus or Anti-Malware Software

While you’re using a gaming PC and installing multiple games, installing antivirus or anti-malware software is highly recommended. If you don’t prefer to use Windows Defender, you can install third-party software or tools to protect your gaming PC.

When it comes to antivirus software, you can entirely rely on T9 antivirus. It is one of the best antiviruses till date. The features and services will surely amaze you.

T9 Antivirus – The Ultimate Solution for Your Gaming PC

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When you are worried about how to protect your gaming PC, T9 will appear to you as the ultimate solution. If you want to protect your data or add an extra layer of protection, T9 antivirus has your back. This antivirus offers real-time protection, various security shields, and malware protection.

Undoubtedly, T9 is the all-round protection for your PC. It is an excellent protection tool to eliminate prevailing and latest threats. Unlike other security tools, T9 offers a Startup Manager to locate and remove infected items from your system. With this antivirus, you can keep your operating system secure from unknown threats.


  • It comes with exploit and malware protection
  • T9 offers real-time protection by detecting and stopping malware on a real-time basis
  • Includes PC optimizer and shredder to delete sensitive data permanently
  • T9 antivirus stops all Ads with its ‘Stp All Ads’ browser extension
  • Offers firewall protection that blocks malicious programs


  • Comes with added Exploit Protection
  • Provides both online and offline protection
  • Updated database help you to stay protected with the latest malware and viruses
  • Super easy to use and offers enough transparency


  • Longer database update time in the deep scan process can be time-consuming

How to Scan with T9 Antivirus

Now that you know the features and advantages of T9 antivirus, let’s proceed further to its use procedures. To scan your gaming PC with T9 antivirus, follow the below steps.

Step 1: Download and install the latest version of the T9 antivirus on your system.

Step 2: After downloading the file, you can see a pop-up box. Here, hit the Next button to proceed.

Step 3: Remember to accept the License Agreement and click the Next button.

Step 4: Now, the T9 antivirus will be successfully installed on your PC. Click on the Finish button to proceed.

Step 5: Upgrade to the premium version to avail yourself of all the features. Enter the Registration key and activate the product to start your first comprehensive scanning.

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Step 6: Simply navigate to the magnifying glass icon and select the desired Scan Type from Quick Scan, Deep Scan, and Custom Scan.

Step 7: According to the amount of data your PC holds and scan type, the procedure can take a while. Hence, keep patience.

Step 8: When the scan results appear on your computer screen, verify the list of infections that need removal.


Finally, restart your computer and remove all the detected malicious threats with T9 antivirus!


Overall. We can say malware is highly prevalent. Still, it is not impossible to avoid. Here, we have mentioned the best ways to protect gaming PCs from malware. These preventive measures are quite simple and require minimal effort to implement.

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