How To Speed Up Your Life With The Ios Shortcuts App

It’s easy to overlook the preinstalled Shortcuts app on your iPhone because, at first glance, it seems like it can do many things, which can be overwhelming. Either way, when iOS 14 was released, the Shortcuts app became popular because it could make custom app icons.

Below are some tricks that can save you time or assist you in difficult situations. 

To Begin, Install the Shortcuts Application

First, you need Shortcuts from the App Store for iOS 12 or newer on your phone or iPad (it might already be included in iOS 13 and more recent devices). After that, add it to the Today View Widget by swiping right on your iPhone’s home screen and tapping Add Widget at the bottom. At last, touch the green plus symbol that is located beside Shortcuts.

Make Your App Icons

One of the most well-liked features in iOS 14 and the Shortcuts app is the option to make your app icons. When you combine custom app icons with widgets, you have the power to create a home screen that is truly one-of-a-kind and visually appealing. The process can be tiresome, but if you’re ready to invest your efforts, you can achieve a completely personalized appearance.

Crafting Your Shortcuts

Step-by-Step Creation: Follow a detailed guide on how to create your custom Shortcuts.

Action Integration: Explore the vast array of actions and automation available for inclusion in your Shortcuts.

Optimization Techniques: Tips for organizing and optimizing your Shortcuts for maximum efficiency.

Siri can Save Your Life

Once you have finished configuring the shortcut, you can inform Siri by saying, “I am being pulled over.” Subsequently, your iPhone will transmit your present location to a preselected individual from your contacts list. Additionally, it will initiate the process of capturing video footage using the front-facing camera on your device. Once you have finished recording, you can send the video to a contact that has already been selected. Additionally, you can easily upload it to iCloud or Dropbox by simply tapping it a few times.

Add a Not Disturb Timer

To make your iPhone quiet for a specific duration, you can employ a Do Not Disturb timer. If you don’t use shortcuts, you will need to explore the DND (Do Not Disturb) settings and make some changes. With Shortcuts, you can input the required duration, and it will handle everything else on your behalf.

Make a Phone Call with one Tap

The “speed dial” shortcut is an excellent feature for people who frequently call specific people or groups. It lets you call someone right away from your home screen without any hassle.

To begin, please locate and open the shortcuts application on your device.

Once opened, you will notice a button labeled “Gallery” located in the lower right-hand corner of the screen.

Tap on this button.

In the search bar that appears, kindly type in the phrase “Speed Dial” and press enter. Choose it, and then choose the contact that you want to call using this shortcut.

After that, you can even choose a particular picture to be the symbol for this special shortcut on your main screen.

Calculating the tip

By simply clicking on the shortcut, you can enter the total amount of your bill. After that, you can choose the desired tip amount, and the shortcut will provide you with the exact tip you should pay.

Time-Saving Tips and Tricks

Variable Usage: Understand how to use variables to enhance the flexibility of your Shortcuts.

Siri Integration: Discover how to incorporate Siri for a hands-free and voice-activated Shortcuts experience.

Management Strategies: Learn effective ways to manage and share your Shortcuts.

Capture a Picture while Recording a video

Sometimes, you might find yourself in a situation where you want to capture a moment quickly, but you’re occupied with recording a video. When you’re recording a video, you’ll notice a white circle. This circle is an extra button for capturing, and you can find it at the bottom right corner of your screen. To capture a photo while recording a video, all you need to do is gently tap on the screen.

Operate Phone Only with One Hand

When you’re busy, but you have to respond to that super important message while you’re holding your coffee, going up the stairs to your office, or carrying your MacBook to your next meeting. This iPhone shortcut allows you to perform tasks using just one hand.

To make it easier for you to use your app, you can activate Reachability. This feature will shrink the app’s interface when you open it, allowing you to easily reach and operate it using just one hand and thumb.

Final Words

The Shortcuts app is excellent because it gives you suggestions when needed. Siri is good at learning your routine, and it often suggests easier ways to do everyday tasks on the Lock Screen or in the Search function.

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