Top Rides at The IMG Worlds of Adventure

IMG Worlds of Adventure Dubai

also known as the Crown Jewel of Dubai, is a palace that swings open the doors to adventure. It astonishes everyone with its exhilarating and daring activities.

The IMG Worlds of Adventure has something for everyone visiting the venue, including exhilarating rides, a Zero Play area for children, shopping, and movie theaters.

The Velociraptor roller coaster gives you a ride through the dinosaur-filled forests of the historic Lost Valley. Not just this Novo Cinemas offers IMAX and VIP movie viewing.

There are so many attractions that you can take part in. If the Powerpuff Girls’ conflict with evil interests you then participating really excited you. For all the fans of Iron Man and Spider-Man take your chance on the rides at Marvel, and visit several other attractions.

This place has four adventure zones in all. As you know about Cartoon Network and Marvel characters, the other two are well-known tourist destinations like IMG Boulevard and Lost Valley. They are all based on various TV series and cartoon characters.

The Dinasour Adventures Zone is the hub of thrilling rides, which is additional. The component of this that is unique is the adrenaline roller coaster.

Gear up to go on this fun and adventurous journey that will transport you right to the roller coaster of thrilling feelings. Not only we are about to experience adventure but in this blog, we will discuss how to get the IMG World Of Adventure Tickets.

IMG Worlds of Adventure
IMG Worlds of Adventure

The Largest Indoor Theme Park

Yes, the IMG Worlds of Adventure Dubai is the largest indoor park in the world. Sprawling over an area of more than 1.5 million square feet, the vast area of each adventurous zone is all about entertaining you.

The temperature-controlled environment of the indoors will let you take a break from the killing heat of Dubai. Each zone of adventure is widespread and so spacious that you won’t believe 4 different themes of adventure parks are under the same roof.

Meet Your Favourite Characters

  • All four themed adventure areas are all about meeting and taking pictures with your favorite characters. You will be having so many fan moments with the Cartoon and Marvel personalities. It will definitely make your day a very special one, as the moment you enter it’s like you stepped inside their world.
  • This is not it, the rides that you can enjoy with your family or you let your kids get will take you on a journey where you are immersed in these characters. So let’s look into these rides of adventure and fun closely for everlasting fun that will keep you at the edge of your seats.
  • The Top Rides at IMG World Of Adventure
  • The Avengers Battel with Ultron

Starting with the very famous The Avengers Clash with Ultron you will be more close to the much talked about Marvel Characters. This adventurous journey includes Captain America, Iron Man, Spider-Man, and the Hulk. All these superheroes will take you within reach of the action-packed world of Avengers.

  • This Marvel Univers will allow you to take the whole control of the world in your hands by being Iron Man and fighting evil. On the other hand, Hulk Eplison Base 3D is one of its kind well-choreographed dome projection. This will make you astonished by the whole unique concept of a next-to-impossible world with its dark 4D interactive rides.
  • The 3D simulator rides are like being the spider and trying to save the world from Doc Ock’s revenge. And, now is the time for the Spider-Man 3D simulator rides for you to save the world from Doc Ock’s Revenge. This will definitely give you an adrenaline rush as wobble high through the city to fight Doctor Octopus and save the energy supply.
  • Here comes the most exciting part of the visit. Shopping! Yes, you can shop from the various Marvel stores and meet the Marvels.
  • The Lost Valley- Dinasouor
  • How was the real world of Dinosaurs? None of us has ever seen that, but with IMG Worlds Dubai tickets you will be in the middle of that world. More than 20 animatronic dinosaurs with the realistic punch of categories of T-Rex, a Velociraptor, and a Triceratops await you. The fact that this whole concept is drenched in excitement and fear together.
  • This zone is for both adults and kids it will bring out some chills as you will see Dinosaurs roaming around freely. There are many rides for you to enjoy that let you relive the precious moments of your childhood. The high-speed roller coaster rides like the Predator will take you straight into the jungle crowded with dinosaurs. The rides like the Dino Carousel is a slow and gentle ride that gives you the taste of what it is like to ride dinosaurs.
  • It doesn’t end up here, there are many rides that take you on a long journey of the past life of dinosaurs. Named the Forbidden Territory, it is a walk-through attraction that gives you a reflection on the past era
  • The Cartoon Network Zone
  • IMG Worlds Of Adventure Dubai will make your childhood dream come true of being in a world of cartoons. Ride down in the memory lane of the cartoon world where your favorite cartoon characters are alive. Yes yes, you read it right! From Powerpuff Girls to Ben 10 and Tom & Jerry, this is a world of Nostalgia. The dynamic area includes The Powerpuff Girls, Ben 10, The Amazing World of Gumball, Adventure Time, LazyTown, and Ben 10. For a family-friendly day trip in Dubai filled with pure joy get the IMG Worlds of Adventure tickets now.

This doesn’t come as a surprise as anything is possible here. 3D simulator rides like Mojo Jojo’s Robot Rampage of The Powerpuff Girls with the Mojo Jojo is battel of revenge. At the beginning of this ride, you will be strapped into the cabin, with the possible fastest speed. With a 360-degree loop, the ride starts and stops suddenly. This is not just about the speed, but also about the fun motion.

The pink and green paintings and the high speed might distract you. The overall fun with the surprises of Mojo Jojo you will have a joyous flight with other exciting things. For the lovers of Ben 10, is an interactive 5D dark ride. So transforms into the character of Ben 10 and battles against his enemies. Don’t miss out on Scooby-Doo: The Mystery Machine. This family-friendly dark ride takes you into the world of Scooby-Doo and the Mystery Machine gang. 

  • IMG Boulevard
  • It’s not age restricted zone as a person of any age can have this thrilling experience. The leisure and fun that we all wish to have together is possible with IMG Boulevard. The nonstop entertainment for thrill seekers gives them an overjoyed experience.
  • The whole package of shopping firms, interactive attractions, and a variety of cuisines are all available. If we talk about the one main charm of this zone is the Popcorn Factory. A gourmet popcorn paradise where visitors may sample a variety of distinctive flavors. You have to have the experience of the Boulevard Gourmet, because this will be your chance to enjoy great dining. Sampling the best cuisine from every continent is quite fun of its own kind.
  • Relax here in IMG Boulevard to gear yourself up in between the rides and get on the next one with more zest and bliss.
  • The Haunted Hotel in IMG World
  • For all the lovers of horror movies, this is a treat for you. Be daring and enter IMG World for the thrill, and explore the Haunted Hotel.  Spot the maze of hallways while you walk around the drifting scenery.  The interesting surprises will wait for you, dogging the various frightful characters right in the middle of a spooky world would be fun. Just don’t lose your cool guys, and try to find the way out of the maze.
  • The other important thing to keep in mind is you need to be 15 years or older to get a way into this horror fun filled with surprises. If you are someone aged between 15 to 18 years, then it is mandatory to show your ID before entering.
  • Kids Zone of IMG Worlds of Adventure
  • This place is a land of wonder for kids and is a very popular zone among families. All families with toddlers and kids aged 10or more will find this a heaven. This zone has many rides for kids to explore and create more childhood memories that will last forever with them. This area will let your child learn while playing as there are many mindful activities.
  • Including a Climbing Wall, a Football Pitch, Slides, a sweeper game, and a balloon race to hit balloons with water guns. An Inflatable Zorb where kids can climb inside the ball and roll around is something that interests the kids most. And there are some traditional games like tug of war and slides shaped like dinosaurs.
  • IMG Worlds Of Adventure Timings
  • The IMG Worlds in Dubai welcomes you all seven days a week. The timings differ on a few days that are mentioned here. From Sunday to Thursday the time of the park is from 12 noon to 10 pm. On Friday & Saturday, it opens from 12 noon to 11 pm. 
  • The park is located at E 311 Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road, City of Arabia, which is 23 km away from the center of Dubai. You can reach there by car which will take hardly 25 minutes or you can take the metro also. If you travel from the metro it will drop you to the nearest metro station and you can book a cab from there
  • IMG Worlds Of Adventure Tickets  The tickets for IMG World of Adventure Dubai are available in different categories. If you want to book these according to your needs and interest you can visit the reputed travel websites.
  • The website provides you with the best offers and easy bookings on the IMG World Dubai ticket price. One such travel website is Next Holidays. Their service is so good you just have to share your interest with them and the rest is done.  You can also get the IMG Worlds of Adventure tickets from the official website if you want to. And Here We Wrap-up
  • IMG Worlds of Adventure Dubai is a place that gives you an experience to carry along for a lifetime. If you are planning to visit Dubai then you should visit this adventure zone with your kids and parents. It is already a very big attraction for people living in Dubai.
  • What we have discussed above is just a glance, the reality would really bring you pure happiness and a child-like innocence so what are you waiting for guys? Book your IMG Worlds of Adventure tickets now!

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