iPhone 15 and relevant hot news in the Market and enterprise mobile management

Apple is one of the top-selling phones worldwide because of its features and many other benefits. Apple is one of the largest companies which is recognized globally.

Apple has a market cap of two trillion $. The reason for the fame is Apple’s devices are most aesthetic in look and its hardware and software make the performance of the product faster. Apple from the ages is beating its competitors, also users of Apple are class conscious according to some studies, which is why they don’t want to go with any other option.

Release of new series

Apple users are mostly eagerly waiting for the release of the new iPhone series so they can upgrade their phones. Apple releases its new phone series every year mostly in September. The hot news nowadays in the tech market is the new release of the iPhone 15. People are going crazy over it, people of countries where there is no official store of Apple, are going to Dubai just to get a new iPhone 15.

Many tech experts are sharing multiple reviews on YouTube. Famous YouTubers are making whole vlogs on getting their iPhone 15 and sharing them with their audience. But meanwhile, there is another news circulating in the market which is that France has banned the iPhone 15.

The reason for banning the phone, which is heard from multiple resources is high radiation which can lead to certain health conditions. Mobile phone radiation is caused by the way they function, resulting in the transmission of radio waves, which create magnetic fields.

What damage it can cause

The primary problem produced by a phone’s “non-ionizing” radiation is the temperature rise of bodily tissue. According to the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP), an organization that establishes standards for the limits internationally. Exceeding defined limits might result in health problems such as burns or heat stroke. Also depending on the duration of exposure.

According to the WHO and other international health organizations, there is no conclusive evidence that mobile phone radiation causes additional negative health impacts. It has, however, requested for more investigation.

Enterprise mobile management and will Airlines ban iPhone 15 while travelling?

Enterprise Mobility Management is the process of safeguarding an organization’s data on employee-owned or corporate-issued mobile devices. These solutions typically include a comprehensive set of services designed to safeguard an organization’s proprietary data and customer personally identifiable data.

MDM solutions are very common, every business requires travelling for their projects and meetings. Advanced companies and MNCs equip their employees with the latest gadgets, phones, and mobile device management solutions. This new ban on iPhone 15 in airlines has created a bit tense situation for businesses that integrated mobile device management software into the latest iPhone and gave it to their employees. MDM solutions in the USA for iPhone 15 are already availed by many companies.

Reason of ban the iPhone 15 on airlines? And it’s effect on Mobile device management solution

Users are stating that the new iPhone is physically hot to the touch after using it for a while so they are concerned will airlines start banning the iPhone 15 owing to fire safety concerns? Numerous instances have surfaced in which iPhone 15 customers claim that the handset heats up to the point where it becomes inaccessible while charging or during heavy usage, such as playing a game or talking on FaceTime.

Many complaints like these are received my users. Apple isn’t reacting publicly to these device-specific complaints, instead pointing users to a general website about overheating iPhones.

This is not simply a concern for customers, but it may also be a problem for airlines.
There have been several reports of mobile phones catching fire. Airlines now carry specific bags and protective gloves for flight attendants to use when handling and disposing of a phone that has caught fire on an aircraft. If you look around on your next flight, you’ll see that people are charging their phones wherever there are USB connections or plugs.

The other passenger beside will be triggered because of safety concerns. Hopefully, Apple will take some action against it. It also will have an impact it will have on MDM solutions. The subscription and software integration will be wasted if airlines ban the iPhone 15 because the phone will be equipped with data and contacts that can’t be carried during travelling.

Final Thoughts

The highly expected release of the iPhone 15 has stirred excitement globally, yet concerns arise as reports of overheating surface. The potential ban by airlines poses challenges for businesses relying on mobile device management solutions. Apple’s response and actions are eagerly awaited, considering the implications on both user experience and enterprise mobility.

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