Planning a Group Train Travel? Cater to All Tastes with IRCTC e-Catering

Some people enjoy vacations with friends, colleagues, and family, while others plan business trips, pilgrimages, weddings, and other events. With proper planning, a group train trip can be a fun and memorable evening. Eating on a group tour makes your train journey even more enjoyable. You can IRCTC e-Catering delivery from the zoop to the station. Imagine eating a hot, freshly prepared meal at a restaurant, then boarding the train to your desired station.

If you hate tasteless canteen meals cooked in dirty environments, it’s time to change your online ordering preferences from train meals to electronic cooking apps. Install Zoop on your phone today. Now, you may use the Zoop smartphone app to order food while riding the train. There’s nothing more fun than traveling and enjoying the sights of the outside world while eating and socializing with friends, family, and colleagues.

Here’s how to book your group’s meals online while traveling by train

Group meal orders are accepted through Zoop IRCTC e-Catering Food Delivery, which also offers special meal delivery. Take the train to the following locations: a group of pilgrims, a group of traveling teachers and students. Traveler groups attending weddings and family events, Jain communities, military, senior citizens, government agencies.

Easy peasy group supper on the train

Please take the following actions to finish your reservation:

1. On the ZoopIndia website or app, enter the PNR number.

2. Choose the preferred channel using the drop-down menu.

3. Please choose your favorite restaurant from the list below to place an order for food.

4. Fill your cart with your collective Veg Food in Train and make payment.

5. A shipping code will be issued to you, which you need to show when the package is delivered.

How to accept large food orders If you want to order lunch for a large group on a train, why not try Gujarati cuisine?

In Gujarat, hydrating railway foods such as sugar, tomatoes and lemons are mainly consumed due to the hot and dry coastal climate. Another characteristic of Gujarati cuisine is its delicious combination of sweet and sour flavors. If you have friends on your friends list, you need to know their food preferences to take advantage of it.

If you are planning to return to Gujarat, you can take the train and see all the small villages and local cuisine. You can order a variety of Gujarati dishes using Outstation’s food delivery service.

One of the oldest culinary traditions in India is Gujarati cuisine, which mostly consists of

Vegetarian Based: We provide a range of specially made vegetarian cuisine as well as a selection of always-nutritious pickles, chutneys, and snacks. However, Gujarati food really comes to life when it inventively incorporates basic veggies with subdued spices. A pleasant scent is produced by this wonderful blend of flavors and permeates most foods, including the well-known Gujarati kadhi.

How does Zoop ensure the food it sends to travel groups is safe?

It is not always possible to predict how long a train will stop at a platform. Have your food delivered to your seat at the station so you don’t miss out on your order. On the platform, food merchants wait for the train to come.Make sure all travelers receive food parcels. The number of orders and stop times determine the number of delivery people needed. Our experienced team checks the quality, purity, packaging and nutritional value of our food products before delivery.

You can enjoy your trip to the fullest without having to worry about bulk train reservations. If you are planning a group trip. Or if you are traveling with a group you were planning to travel with. In fact, Zoop has partnered with IRCTC e-Catering to provide food delivery services at stations. Train passengers will now be able to make the most of his Zoop hospitality, making their travel experience even more enjoyable. Advantages of delivering ordered food to a group

If you’re traveling in a group, you can take advantage of these benefits by booking a group meal on the train

Efficiency: Order meals in bulk rather than separately to save money. By joining the group, you can get Food Delivery At Railway Station gourmet items at the lowest prices online. When traveling by train, customers have several options to avail online food delivery services that include a variety of national and international cuisines, some of which are better than others. Dishes carefully selected to suit the tastes of passengers. Customers can enjoy North Indian thalis, South Indian idlis and dosas, Chinese delicacies and more in just one click. You can order.

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