Avoid Mistakes:11 Steps To Find The Perfect Movers And Packers In Sharjah

Home relocation is a complex process, especially for first-time movers. By avoiding these common mistakes, you can ensure a smoother, less stressful moving experience

Moving your entire household can be a challenging task, especially if you lack experience in the process. From securing the appropriate packing materials to finding labour, a suitable truck, and the right insurance, numerous complications can arise when organising a move.

That’s where professional movers in Ajman come into play, who have experienced employment and expertise to handle all types of household goods safely and efficiently. However, finding and hiring these service providers is not as straightforward as it may seem. Even with a movers and packers company on your side, you can encounter difficulties and hassles during the moving process.

11 common mistakes that you should avoid and find the best movers and packers in Sharjah especially in UAE.

1. Lack of Prior Planning

To ensure a stress-free move, ultra careful planning is necessary. Planning your move well in advance can make a significant difference. Before even starting your search for movers, take the time to plan your move. Inspect your home thoroughly and create a list of items to be transported.

Consider whether everything you wish to move will fit appropriately in your new space. If moving to a smaller home, you might need to part with some excess furniture.

Fix a specific date for packing, moving, and reaching your destination, and try to stick to your plan. While you might not have an exact idea of the delivery time, having a clearly defined delivery date allows you to coordinate the rest of the process with your chosen movers and packers. Rushing through the process at the last minute can lead to confusion and added stress.

2. Last-Minute Hiring of Movers

Packing and moving household goods is a complex task that requires the expertise of professional movers and packers. Waiting until the last moment to hire them can be a costly mistake. Experienced and reputable moving companies often have limited availability. By waiting until the eleventh hour, you risk not being able to secure their services. Additionally, last-minute decisions may lead to higher costs, as you won’t have the time to negotiate.

If you have only a few items to move or require part-shipment services, postponing your mover selection may result in delayed delivery. To avoid last-minute rush and ensure a smooth move, always hire movers and packers in Sharjah several weeks before your planned relocation date.

3. Obtaining Moving Quotes Over the Phone

Requesting moving quotes over the phone can lead to confusion and frustration during your move. Quotes provided over the phone are often less accurate. Given that moving is a significant financial investment, it’s crucial to obtain precise quotes and estimates before making a hiring decision.

Movers and packers companies typically prefer to visit your home and provide accurate quotes after inspecting the inventory to be moved. While obtaining initial estimates over the phone is acceptable for a general idea, it is highly recommended to request in-person inspections and all-inclusive quotations. Face-to-face meetings allow for discussions of specific details and requirements, such as the condition of items and the need for additional services like disassembly, assembly, or unpacking.

4. Failure to Compare Multiple Quotes

In the UAE,there are numerous movers and packers companies, but not all are equally competent. Quality of packing, the experience of the packing team, and the overall reputation of the brand significantly influence moving costs. To make an informed decision, do not settle for the first moving company you come across. Always compare credentials and rates from at least two or three different providers to ensure you work with the best company at the most competitive price.

5. Choosing the Lowest Quote Automatically

While seeking affordable moving services is understandable, automatically selecting the lowest quote can lead to issues. Beware of moving companies that offer significantly lower rates, as these may come with hidden costs. Some unscrupulous movers may initially quote low prices but later demand additional charges for various reasons, including packing extra items, insurance, toll fees, and more. Prioritise choosing reputable movers and packers in Sharjah like Ultra Movers and Packers rather than automatically opting for the cheapest offer.

6. Neglecting to Ask Relevant Questions Before Hiring

Failing to ask important questions before hiring a moving company is a common mistake. Gathering information about the company’s history, the number of branches they operate, unloading procedures, customer complaint handling, delivery timelines, and damage resolution processes is crucial. Additionally, inquire about value-added services and whether they are included in the quoted price. Avoid misunderstandings by discussing specific requirements, such as disassembly, assembly, or storage, well in advance.

7. Making Assumptions

Assuming that certain aspects of the move are obvious can be a costly mistake. Always discuss your specific requirements with the movers, even if they seem self-evident. For instance, if you need disassembly services for furniture, don’t assume they are included in the package; discuss this with your chosen moving company to prevent extra charges. Additionally, inform movers about any logistical challenges at your new home, such as the absence of a lift or limited parking, to facilitate a smoother unloading process.

8. Overlooking Extra Hidden Costs

While moving quotes typically cover most packing, loading, transportation, and unloading costs, be aware of potential extra charges. Value-added services like unpacking, rearranging, or temporary storage may come with additional fees. Hidden costs such as taxes, tolls, custom duty, and insurance should also be considered. To prevent over-budget, discuss these potential extra costs and gain a clear understanding of all charges included in the quotation.

9. Ignoring Insurance

Many first-time movers neglect to purchase insurance when hiring movers and packers. While moving companies take measures to ensure the safe handling of your goods, accidents can happen. Insurance, usually priced at 3% of the declared value, offers peace of mind. In the event of damage, the moving company will be liable to compensate you, making it a wise investment to safeguard your belongings.

10. Packing on Your Own

If you’ve hired professional movers and packers In Sharjah, let them handle the packing. Attempting to pack on your own may result in deficiency packing quality, leading to damage and scratches during the move. Movers have access to high-quality packing materials and equipment, ensuring the safe packing of your household goods.

11. Neglecting Proper Documentation

The movers and packers industry may lack organisation, making it easy to overlook essential paperwork. Always read moving documents carefully, understanding the terms, conditions, and fine print in your quotes. If you’re paying for additional services, ensure they are explicitly stated on the bill. When making cash payments, request and retain appropriate receipts. Relying only on verbal agreements is not advisable; important details should be in writing.


Home relocation is a complex process, especially for first-time movers. By avoiding these common mistakes, you can ensure a smoother, less stressful moving experience. If you’ve previously moved with the assistance of movers and packers in Sharjah, consider sharing your experiences and additional tips to help others in their relocation journeys

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