The Benefits of Outsourcing QA Engineers from External Agencies

Enterprises outsource quality assurance services from software testing firms around the world. They deliver their software or applications to a qualified and experienced testing firm for analysis. Companies also hire QA engineers to test their software or applications.

Companies traditionally create software but do not engage professionals for software testing and QA. They engage external QA engineers or software testers to perform the job but they do not participate in creating the product. You recruit them for specific purposes.

QA outsourcing services guarantee the software or product has brilliant performance, safety, and accessibility. Software testers should have relevant expertise to guarantee the software development lifecycle. A dedicated QA team needs to keep up with the latest standards and tools in the industry.

When do you need to outsource quality assurance?

You will find several reasons and circumstances when outsourcing software testing becomes essential for businesses. We will discuss some vital reasons to obtain QA outsourcing services for testing.

1. Time Barriers

Your in-house software development team completes the project finalization process. The finalized software product will then move to the testing process. Engaging in-house professionals will eventually reduce your return on investment and harm your market repute. An experienced outsourced QA team has relevant skills to maintain workflow and provide great quality testing.

2. Urgent need for experts for the QA project

The QA team traditionally has a more limited capacity in contrast to the development and maintenance teams. Your software product needs QA outsourcing testing services after its completion. These types of situations also require a significant amount of assets and resources to finalize through testing. Some companies recruit new QA experts but outsourcing a testing project will become the best option.

3. Lack of expertise of an in-house team

The knowledge of manual testing and expertise in automated testing tools has become pivotal for most startups. Experienced QA team understands the strategies, testing procedures, and best practices to provide the best possible results. An experienced QA outsourcing company provides access to expert test engineers for your testing project.

4. Temporary QA project requirements

Most temporary projects traditionally produce cost savings. Companies need integration with their CRM software and customer care platform. They require the proper functions of a developed program but it will need QA engineers to obtain a quality product. Outsourced QA and software testing will guarantee the safety of sensitive information and client data.

Key benefits of quality assurance outsourcing

1. Focus on other business tasks

Quality assurance outsourcing will enable companies to focus on their key business objectives. Companies will concentrate on their pivotal business operations when they outsource QA projects to external agencies.

2. More cost-efficient

Outsourcing software testing will save you a lot of money compared to hiring QA experts for your in-house team. QA outsourcing provides a more efficient solution to augment the performance and quality of your digital product. This cheaper option has motivated companies to turn to QA outsourcing. External QA testing service providers have significant resources to finalize the task quickly.

3. Reduced launch time and time to market

The time your product takes from the moment of a concept and making it available to customers refers to time-to-market. The assistance of an experienced and skilled QA team will reduce flaws and errors. QA team diagnoses and fixes errors to provide a quality product.

4. Maintain Product Quality

Outsourcing quality assurance helps in maintaining product quality. You will offshore the QA team to obtain the best performance of the product. External QA testing experts and companies ensure product testing and problem identification with increasing performance.

5. Improved customer experience

Experienced QA testers effectively find and eliminate all product flaws and errors before making it available. An outsourced software testing company provides help to improve the customer experience. QA testing team delivers the best quality product with extraordinary services.

Software testing outsourcing models

Companies have used some forms of outsourced QA testing services for years. QA outsourcing practice has become more structured and standardized. You will find two key models for outsourcing quality assurance services.

1. Traditional Testing Services or TTS

The in-house QA experts typically use TTS (traditional testing services) in collaboration with available outsourced engineers. They conduct testing of the entire software product before the release. QA engineers communicate the exposed flaws to the development team. However, TTS services seem difficult to manage and hard to scale. The Testing Center of Excellence bears complete responsibility for the product quality.

2. Specialist Testing Services or STS

Specialist Testing Services have become an alternative to TTS. These services include outsourcing testing for specific software segments to experienced QA service providers. STS-providing companies offer these services regularly. Companies also engage independent or freelance testing experts for small projects.

How to choose a software QA outsourcing company:

  • Ensure your selected QA outsourcing partner provides project-relevant services.
  • Outsource your entire testing process or specific segments of quality assurance.
  • Select between functional testing and exploratory testing services from external firms.
  • Consider experienced and skilled QA engineers before outsourcing testing processes.
  • QA testers should have the capability to handle all testing challenges.
  • Evaluate expertise, testing experience, and past work of QA engineers with clients.
  • Determine the ability to work with manual testing and automation testing tools.
  • Check case studies and previous projects of an outsourcing QA company.
  • Analyze shared experiences of former and current customers of an outsourcing company.
  • Look for portfolios and testimonials to get a much better idea about the company’s reputation.
  • Examine the QA testing skills and competencies of all team members.
  • Check their experience with specific industries, skills, and certifications.
  • Research and compare rates from different QA outsourcing agencies.


Outsourcing software testing has gained more popularity among different industries. Companies need to reduce the cost of testing and enjoy the benefits of outsourcing quality assurance. Outsourcing QA will become a great option for all software development and testing projects.

A successful QA outsourcing project refers to the proper selection of an external testing agency. Your outsourced partner should have the capability of smart management and execute realistic plans. This article has provided enough information and tips to handle QA outsourcing testing.

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