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Social media terms are among the terms we encounter and use very frequently today. We all use these terms frequently in many moments of our daily conversations. These words, which are generally transferred from English to our language and to many other languages, sometimes show semantic differences. We have compiled the most commonly used social media terms for you. BuyIGFollowersMalaysia is best website to grow on social media.

Before we start with the terms, let’s point out this. Since many concepts are in English, knowing the equivalent in our language will make it easier for you to understand the relevant term. Let’s start with the terms we encounter most frequently.

  • post,
  • story,
  • repost,

These terms, which came into our lives after the 2000s, are still not fully known even among those who actively use social media. Many of us use and apply it. However, we do not know the naming and meaning of this process.

What is Post?

The most frequently used social media term across all social media networks is the word ” Post “. In our language, this word corresponds to “Send”. We use it with expressions such as sharing a post, posting. Indicates the sharing status of any material. We define posts containing material such as an image, link (URL), video, or text as ” Post “. Of course , we recommend that you use it as “ Post ” in our language. Because it has an original and understandable equivalent.

What is Repost?

Another commonly used term among social media terms is ” Repost “. Those who know English spelling and grammar rules can directly understand the meaning of the word and what it refers to. It means resharing an existing post. We explain the situation of sharing a post we shared on a social media network again on the same network or on different social media networks with the concept of ” Repost “.

Story Term and Usage

The English term ” Story ” is translated as ” story ” and ” story ” in our language. We have actually heard this concept many times in literature. It is a term we may encounter frequently at every moment of our lives. However, with the spread of social media, it began to be used even more. It first came to the fore in the social media application Snapchat. Then add a different dimension to our lives with Instagram and Facebook. Story sharing is an average of 15 seconds of photo or video sharing. This is the type of post that appears on our profile and disappears after 24 hours. However, the only social media application that does not disappear and where stories remain for a lifetime is Pinterest. He also started this process at a trial level only in America.

What is DM?

In fact, although the concept of ” DM ” is among the social media terms, it is a forum term that appeared long before. In the past, we used to describe sending private messages to users on forum sites with the abbreviation “DM”. This term, which still maintains the same meaning, is the abbreviation of the English words ” Direct Message “. In other words, it means direct message.

Today, the concept of DM is used to send direct messages to users, especially in social media applications such as Twitter and Tiktok . Although this term is used among users on Facebook, Facebook management prefers to use the concept of ” Messenger ” in the sense of chats for this process.

Bonus Social Media Terms

Additionally, we would like to share 2 social media terms with you.


Although the hashtag is called ” Sharp tag” in our language , it has been directly accepted as a ” Hashtag ” by the society. When you use hash tags, many people may not understand you. However, when you say Hashtag, many social media users will understand what you mean. So what is this term and how is it used?

It is a kind of labeling method. Tagging, creating a space in micro topic block logic, or posting a post to an existing space.We call the method we use to include Hastag. We need to use the # sign at the beginning of the words without leaving a space between any words. So we can click on this word and find all the posts containing this hashtag in one area.

Sample Hastag Usage

#SafeMedya #Instagram #Facebook #Buy TikTok Followers Malaysia #Buy Followers #InstagramLikes etc.


It would not be an exaggeration to say that the most popular interaction feature used in all social media networks is “ Like ”. In fact, almost all social media networks and websites have the like feature. The term “ Like ” is the term we use in our language to mean liking something and to express that we like it. There is also the use of jargon such as Like, Like, Like.

The concept of Like also has its own symbol. It was especially used by Facebook and entered the lives of many of us thanks to Facebook. At first, Facebook used the word “ Like ”. However, later he translated this term into the interface language used by the user and now we use the expression “ Like ” in Turkish.

We will discuss different social media terms in our next article. If there is a social media term you would like to share, you can specify it in the comments

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