Penetration Testing Strategies You Should Abide By

Protecting your company from online attacks should be your top priority. You might be surprised to know that the biggest threat to your company lies under your nose. You probably have heard of ransomware and cyber-attacks; they are rising, and businesses should act smartly to combat them. Penetration testing is one idea that can save you trouble. Incident reporting is also crucial for businesses to deal with online attacks and protect data breaches. Effective strategies are always necessary. This post will uncover penetration testing strategies you should abide by. Keep scrolling to learn more!

Penetration Testing Strategies:

Testing multiple aspects of your IT and network infrastructure is crucial. It helps you monitor your IT landscape and report suspicious activities to the security team. Unlike conventional testing techniques, pen testing can exploit and highlight weak spots in your network. However, the testing must happen strategically. It is not a random test that you can undertake whenever you want. You better move forward carefully and watch your steps. The following list will explain a few strategies you should follow while testing your network. Let us jump into the list!

1. Define your test goals:

Designing a testing process for your organization should begin with defining your test goals. Why would you want to undergo pen testing in the first place? Establishing objectives and designing a test process to achieve these objectives will make sense. When passing your test points to the testing team, you must ensure the objectives are attached. You will never achieve your test goals if they are not clearly defined.

A set of clearly defined goals can help you establish a solid testing process. It also helps you realize where vulnerabilities exist and how you can tackle them. Hackers will always monitor your network for loopholes; never allow them to attack.

2. Gather the right team:

How do you know if your current pen testing team is effective and skilled? Choosing the right team can always make a difference. It would be best to assemble the team from on-staff security personnel. It will help you save money. However, if it does not work, you should outsource a third-party company with relevant experience and required skills.

Specialized experts are less likely to take any shortcuts. They will comprehensively analyze your network and devise a testing plan. Do you want to improve your network security? You should hire penetration testing companies in UAE and let these experts help you!

3. Explore attacking angles:

You must be wise enough to think like a hacker and explore all possible attacking angles. Where can the hackers attack your network and steal your information? There is always more than one way to the treasure; be sharp enough to see these ways. Attackers will exploit as many entry points as they can. You should block every route leading to your network. Pen testing experts can help you block these ways for criminals.

You should never ignore small points; the login data on your printer might sound trivial, but it can cause trouble. What if the hacker steals the login credentials from your printer? You will put everything at risk. Therefore, you should monitor all the possible attack angles.

4. Always focus on data:

Data-driven insights will help you protect your network from cybercriminals. A targeted data set can help you with investigative efforts should something bad happen. Testers must think like hackers and identify the data at risk. Once identified, they can design security protocols for a particular data set to keep it intact. How can a criminal steal your data if it is well-protected? Sounds impossible!

Sensitive business data is always at risk. Be it intellectual property, customer data, or financial information, you should always focus on data to protect it. Pen testers should focus on this data to lead in the right direction.

5. Choose your test wisely:

Penetration testing is mainly divided into two classes: Whitebox and Blackbox testing. Testers act differently when they have access to the test subject. Whitebox testing is widely used for internal applications and operations. On the contrary, the tester does not know the test subject in a Blackbox scenario. Any vulnerabilities must be identified!

Which test do you need for your organization? You should choose the test wisely to enjoy the effective outcome of pen testing. Does it sound too complicated? You should let professional penetration testing companies in UAE help you choose the right test!

Protect your network with pen testing!

Pen testing is probably the best way to identify vulnerabilities and report suspicious activities to your security team. However, conducting this test requires you to abide by several strategies. You should start with defining your goals and choosing the right testing team. Once done, you better explore attack angles and think like a hacker. Choose your test wisely to let it achieve your desired objectives.

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