Understanding Luxury Apartments and Their Main Types

Luxury apartments offer much more than regular apartments- in terms of convenience, square footage, luxurious landscaping and responsible maintenance. A luxury apartment is a kind of residential housing that offers exquisite finishing, high-end amenities, panoramic views from large balconies, and definitive conveniences.

Luxury apartments in Zirakpur are usually located in areas which are well-connected to leading healthcare facilities, office spaces, educational institutions, entertainment spots etc.

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  • Why choose luxury apartments?
  • Various kinds of luxury apartments

Why choose luxury apartments?

  • Luxury apartments offer access to high-end amenities that are unavailable for independent houses or regular apartments. You will ultimately be paying for attractive features such as a garden or rooftop patios, swimming pools, concierge services, and pet-friendly parks. Additional home features include ample space, walk-in closets, huge balconies, utility spaces, etc. These help to deliver an enjoyable and stress-free lifestyle.
  • Another blessing of luxury apartments is the concierge services they offer. These services are ready at your beck and call 24×7, from handling packages to searching for your handyman.
  • There is also access to tight security in luxury apartments. They come with CCTV surveillance, security guards and sometimes, even bio-metric entry.
  • You can network with a community of like-minded individuals of the same social status while using common areas like gyms, swimming pools, party areas, etc.
  • Luxury apartments are also well-connected to the best spots in the city. You can easily access spots like local restaurants, shopping areas, entertainment hubs, public transport and many more. Sometimes, the location of the apartment may be far from the din and traffic of the city, yet it is well-connected.

Various kinds of luxury apartments

There are various kinds of luxury apartments in terms of sizes and shapes, from sprawling mansions to lavish apartments. Following are some of the main ones:

  • High-rise apartments

In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, tall commercial buildings with iron and steel frameworks came to be called skyscrapers. Currently, the tallest skyscrapers in the world are made of over 100 stories with a height of 2000 feet. Today, these are not just commercial buildings but also residential complexes.

High-rise apartments in such tall buildings are also assuming the features of luxury homes. Luxury high-rise apartments have become the zenith of living in modern cities. Residents of these properties can enjoy luxury lifestyles with stunning views of the skyline. Most luxe high-rises offer amenities ranging from tight security and concierge services to gyms and rooftop swimming pools.

  • Serviced luxury apartments

These are kinds of luxury apartments that provide extra services like laundry, housekeeping, and other amenities, which are typically found in hotels. Such apartments are bigger than hotel rooms and include features like bedrooms, kitchen and living room. Such apartments are preferred by travelling families and businessmen who need to stay for a few days or a few months.

These apartments are cheaper than hotels because they offer more space at a lower price. They are ideal for long stays that could prove to be exorbitant in hotels. Typically, these will be located close to tourism, business and commercial hubs.

  • Penthouse apartments

These refer to ultra-luxury apartments situated on the top floor of a tall tower or building. Penthouse in Zirakpur provides high levels of privacy, high-end amenities and breathtaking views. The best part about such apartments is that they provide spectacular views of the skyline of the city and nearby nature. They also have outdoor spaces like rooftop gardens, patio areas and balconies. Since they are located on the top floor, they have an abundance of huge windows that permit a lot of ventilation and bright light.

Penthouses offer much privacy as they are usually located on the top floor of the building and thus isolated from the hustle and bustle of the town. Owning a penthouse is also a symbol of success and wealth. Its value will appreciate over time.

  • Row house/ town house

This is a kind of housing featuring one or more common walls with the adjacent house. It may be 2 to 3 stories high and have a private backyard as well as an exclusive entrance. Townhouses are popular as they are less costly than independent houses. Row houses are excellent investments since their prices rise quicker than traditional apartments.

  • Waterfront apartments

This refers to apartments with a view of a water body like ocean, river or lake. It is the view that sets this luxury apartment apart from others. Residents can enjoy stunning views of sunsets and sun-rises as well as the splendour of the adjacent landscape. Because of the proximity to water bodies, waterfront apartments enjoy an abundance of ventilation and natural light. They are ideally suited to persons who need a breath of fresh air.

  • Convertible apartments

Such apartments have large spaces that can be converted into separate rooms using partial walls, alcoves, or sliding doors. You can increase or decrease the size of the living room as per your choice. The versatile space can be used to create rooms just be moving some pieces of furniture.

  • Garden apartments

They are the ground-floor apartments in an apartment complex. They are well-connected to a backyard or garden. These can also refer to low-rise apartments surrounded by lawns, shrubs, trees and gardens. Thus, the best part about this luxury apartment is the abundance of nature. It is also loved by pet -owners who appreciate the access to a pet-friendly space.

  • Triplex or duplex apartments

Duplex apartments occupy two floors in an apartment building, which are connected by a staircase, and triplex occupy three floors in a similar way. Such luxury homes feature large balconies and private terrace areas that help deliver abundant ventilation and natural light.

  • Studio apartments

They revolve around the efficient utilisation of space. Therefore, these will have minimal restrictions like walls. They are also less expensive than other apartments because of the lesser space. Less space implies easier upkeep and lesser effort for maintenance.

  • Condominium

It is a kind of dwelling space similar to an apartment, which is owned privately, while common areas like corridors are owned collectively by several homeowners.  These are found typically in multi-unit buildings. They are also ideal for those with limited budgets.

In sum, a luxury apartment is desirable for the ultimate conveniences and indulgences they offer. One can choose from a great variety of options for luxury apartments on offer out there in the market.


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