University of Newcastle, Australia, PhD Scholarship for International Students 2023

The last day to submit applications for PhD scholarships is 30 November 2023.

Don’t miss out on this article that showcases the most recent Ph.D. opportunities for both local and international students. It also highlights the availability of fully funded scholarships. To maximize your chances, make sure to apply early as it is crucial. The University of Newcastle in Australia is currently accepting applications for its 2023 international student Ph.D. scholarship, and you can find all the essential details right here.

International students in various departments can avail themselves of funded Ph.D. scholarships offered by the university annually. Nevertheless, applicants are required to verify their eligibility for the graduate research Ph.D. programs prior to submitting their applications.

Financing your Ph.D. studies at the University can be a heavy financial burden, but these opportunities alleviate the monetary restrictions that accompany studying at the University of Newcastle. Scholarships encompass a spectrum of benefits, ranging from discounted tuition fees to comprehensive funding packages that incorporate research allowances and healthcare provisions.

About the University of Newcastle, Australia

Renowned for its exceptional educational quality, the University was established in 1965. Located in Callaghan, Australia, this distinguished public university offers an extensive selection of academic fields for both undergraduate and postgraduate students, encompassing various research programs.

Scholarship Details

  • Country: Australia
  • Host: University of Newcastle
  • Study Level: PhD
  • Type: Fully Funded
  • Gender: Males and Females
  • No. of Awards; Unspecified
  • Award taken in: Australia
  • Availability: Australians and International Students

Eligibility Requirements

Students hailing from Australia and various parts of the globe are eligible to apply for scholarships. Proficiency in English is mandatory for all applicants. Those who have achieved remarkable academic success stand a higher probability of securing a scholarship. Completion of undergraduate studies is required for individuals seeking doctoral degree scholarships. Additionally, some applicants may need to provide an unconditional offer letter of admission and should not be currently benefiting from any other scholarships, whether provided by the government or external entities.

List of University of Newcastle Ph.D. Scholarships

The NHMRC Centre for Research Excellence in Digestive Health presents a unique chance for aspiring scholars to pursue a doctoral degree centered around gastrointestinal health. This research endeavor aims to delve into the intricate relationship among our microbiome, dietary selections, and digestive system, and their profound effects on mental well-being, particularly in terms of anxiety, depression, and cognitive capabilities.

The primary goal of this PhD research is to delve into the seamless progression of elite junior athletes into the professional rugby league by evaluating their physical, mental, and technical advancement within a carefully designed pathway system.

Our aim is to employ advanced molecular techniques in order to unveil and examine the genes accountable for generating potent neurotoxins, specifically tetrodotoxin, within the marine environment. This innovative exploration will serve as a cornerstone for developing efficient genetic tests (PCR) that guarantee the protection of seafood and water resources.

Fully funded by a generous donor, the University of Newcastle presents the Glenn and Ken Moss Ph.D. Scholarships in Engineering Research. These scholarships aim to support students pursuing a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering or Mechatronics at the university. In case there is a lack of eligible candidates from these fields, students specializing in other branches of engineering may also be eligible for this scholarship opportunity.

We are actively recruiting individuals to join our team in investigating the consequences of underground longwall mining on the endangered Littlejohn’s tree frog. Our primary aim is to identify strategies for mitigating the detrimental effects caused by mining activities and gaining a comprehensive understanding of its implications, not only for this particular frog species but also for other associated fauna. This unique chance encompasses three positions with a duration of 3.5 years, starting in early 2023. Successful candidates will have the valuable opportunity to pursue a Research Higher degree or Ph.D.

The primary aim of the Odyssey Travel Scholarship is to offer support to Ph.D. students specializing in Classics or Ancient History, enabling them to deepen their knowledge of Greek and Roman civilizations through immersive experiences in the landscapes, geography, culture, and artifacts prevalent in the countries and regions encompassing the northern Mediterranean.

Exploring the Effect of Therapeutic Stress on DNA Methylation Control in Acute Myeloid Leukemia: Recognized for its frequent recurrence and epigenetic irregularities, acute myeloid leukemia poses a significant threat. The purpose of this investigation is to establish whether therapeutic stress amplifies the probability of relapse by providing advantageous circumstances for cancer cells to evade treatment.

The Judy Kennedy Research Scholarship in Mental Health is looking for a student who is passionate about conducting research to enhance the overall quality of life and outcomes for individuals with mental disorders and their families.

The team is determined to delve into the therapeutic potential of a medication that merges an immune-strengthening compound with an RNA-based nanomedicine, thereby amplifying its effectiveness in battling tumors.

Dr. Peter Ireland is on the lookout for imaginative and pioneering Ph.D. candidates who are eager to contribute to the ARC Center of Excellence for Enabling Eco-Efficient Beneficiation of Minerals. The ultimate goal is to devise groundbreaking approaches that will effectively minimize energy and water consumption, all while optimizing metal extraction processes.

A research project led by Dr Mahshid Firouzi aims to investigate the flotation kinetics of ultrafine mineral particles using a downward sparger. The ARC Center of Excellence for Enabling Eco-Efficient Beneficiation of Minerals is actively recruiting Ph.D. candidates with a strong inclination towards creativity and innovation to become part of their nationwide collaborative center. The primary objective is to develop cutting-edge technologies that minimize energy and water usage while optimizing metal retrieval.

A nationwide collaborative center, the ARC Center of Excellence for Enabling Eco-Efficient Beneficiation of Minerals, is currently undertaking a research project led by Dr. Subhasish Mitra and Professor Geoffrey Evans. Their focus is on investigating the hydrodynamics involved in flow regime transition within a reflux flotation cell. To achieve their objective of minimizing energy and water usage while maximizing metal extraction, they are actively recruiting imaginative and inventive Ph.D. candidates to join their team.

At P29, Dr. Kenneth Williams, an Associate Professor, is supervising the research project focused on Moisture Migration under Oscillatory Type Motion using Smooth Particle Hydrodynamic Modeling. The ARC Center of Excellence for Enabling Eco-Efficient Beneficiation of Minerals is actively in search of Ph.D. candidates who possess exceptional creativity and innovation skills to become part of their national collaborative center. The primary aim is to devise technologies that can optimize metal recovery while minimizing both energy and water usage simultaneously.

Professor Grant Webber is on the lookout for Ph.D. candidates who possess a natural talent for thinking outside the box and pushing boundaries, as they are needed to join the ARC Center of Excellence for Enabling Eco-Efficient Beneficiation of Minerals. The ultimate goal is to create pioneering technologies that can decrease energy and water consumption, while simultaneously enhancing metal retrieval. A key area of interest centers around investigating how ultrafine particles deposit and stick onto permeable hydrophobic surfaces.

Be a valuable addition to our national collaborative center located at the ARC Center of Excellence for Enabling Eco-Efficient Beneficiation of Minerals! We have exciting opportunities available for driven PhD candidates who are eager to delve into innovative approaches involving molecular simulations and guiding RAFT polymerization in order to manipulate hydrophobic mineral surfaces. With the expert guidance of Associate Professor Alister Page and Laurate Professor Kevin Galvin, you will be able to make significant contributions towards the advancement of groundbreaking technologies that focus on reducing energy and water consumption while optimizing metal extraction.

The ARC Center of Excellence for Enabling Eco-Efficient Beneficiation of Minerals has enlisted Associate Professor Alister Page and Laureate Professor Kevin Galvin as supervisors, who are employing molecular simulations to direct RAFT polymerization for managing hydrophobic mineral surfaces. In an effort to advance groundbreaking research, the Center is actively seeking imaginative and inventive Ph.D. candidates to join their nationwide collaborative team.

Revolutionary technologies that seek to minimize energy and water usage while concurrently advancing metal extraction.

Exploring the Advancement of Progressive Islamic Theology in the 21st Century’s Post-Secular Society through Doctoral Research

Benefits of the University of Newcastle PhD Scholarship in Australia

  • Living Allowance
  • Research Allowance
  • Overseas Student Health Cover (for Foreign Students)

Documents Required

  • Research proposal
  • Birth Certificate
  • Evidence of Citizenship
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Previous Academic Certificate
  • Proof of English language Proficiency
  • Other Supporting Documents
How to Apply

In order to qualify for the University of Newcastle, Australia’s PhD Scholarship for International Students 2022, it is crucial that you opt for a course among the options presented. After making your selection, it is important to establish contact with the relevant supervisor and engage in a discussion regarding your proposal before proceeding with your application. It is imperative that you familiarize yourself with the list of available supervisors before initiating communication. Your research proposal should explicitly outline the particular field of study you intend to pursue and can be guided by using the provided template as reference. Finally, make sure to adhere to the specified steps when submitting your application along with all required supporting documents.

Application Deadline

The last day to submit applications for PhD scholarships is 30 November 2023.



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