How Soda PDF Facilitates the Students to Write Group Assignments in 2023

If you think that using Soda PDF to write group assignments is only for the elites, you are terribly wrong. Needless to say that it has altered the life of thousands of students – and has made writing group assignments a breeze for them.

Want to get the top benefits from this tool? Read our detailed guide that tells the reader about how Soda PDF has facilitated assignment writing. What’s more? This article provides you with all the required help to use this platform effectively.

Let’s dive deep into the details.

Write Group Assignments Using Soda PDF in 6 Easy Steps

Looking for an easy-to-use PDF file editor to help you write group assignments? Soda PDF provides different ways to not only access your files but also comes with editing solutions. What’s more? It helps you take full control of your group writing project.

Ready to get started? Here’s how you can use this software to write an assignment with your group in 6 easy steps:

1. Typing the Text

First, you need to open the app and select the Type Text tool from the Edit menu. However, keep in mind that you shall only do this once you want to add more text to your document.

Next, you should click anywhere on the current assignment file to insert text. Once the blue box appears, type your text in it. Then, your text will be added to it. If you want to change the font of your text, click on the small toolbar that appears below the document’s name.

You can also access the same by clicking on the Properties tab. It will be present on the right side of the application. Similarly, you can edit any part of your PDF file that you want. One more thing – do not risk your grades and buy assignment online if you do not find the relevant material by yourself.

2. Inserting Images

Now, if you want to insert any image into your assignment, click on the Insert Image icon from the Edit feature. Students often have to add relevant images to their papers when they write group assignments.

Next, you will be automatically asked to search for the desired image file on your PC. Once your image has been inserted, you can further edit and resize it per your requirements. Additionally, you can also change the location of the image in your assignment wherever you want.

Want to change the properties of your image? Click on the Properties tab. Then, adjust them to match your requirements.

3. Links

Next, do you want to add hyperlinks to your documents? That’s usually a requirement when students write group assignments – they have to provide the links for the original documents. All that you need to do is click on the Link tool and finish your job quickly!

The link tool asks you to highlight the text first. Second, you will have to choose the desired action for the highlighted text. What’s more? Soda PDF allows you to add links from external sources and similar PDF files alike.

So, you just have to click on the right-side ellipsis and go for the link settings. If you have to link it with an external website, choose the said option. Then, add the URL of the desired website.

If you have to upload a file, click on the Open File icon to upload the document. Also, you can add almost any type of link to your assignment using this application.

4. Adding Page Marks

While writing your assignment, you may be instructed to add page marks to your documents. For example, you may have to add headers, page numbers, footers, and more marks when you write group assignments. Soda PDF has made it easier than ever for students to do so.

First, click on the Add Page Marks tool, and you will see several sub-tools appear below the main tab. Next, you will choose if you want to add a header or footer to your assignment.

Also, you will be able to choose the position of the header and footer in your document. Not only this, it helps you customise the appearance of the fonts, texts, colours and sizes per your preference.

Also, if you want to add a watermark to your work, you can do the same on this platform. Again, the tool allows you to determine the colour, font and size of your watermark. After the watermark has been added, you will see an alert showing that the job has been done.

This way, Soda PDF helps students write group assignments per their choices.

5. Removing Page Marks

Want to remove all types of page marks from your assignments? Often when students write group assignments, they skip some parts of work to do them later. Adding or removing page marks can be one of them.

So, to remove the page marks, all that you need to do is to click on the Remove Page Marks tool. Second, click on the page mark that you want to remove, and it will be deleted. Further, you will be shown a ribbon which indicates that the page mark has been deleted from your assignment.

6. Spell Check

Finally, the suite of best features of this application also has the spell check feature. Spelling errors are bound to happen when students write group assignments. Click on the Spell Check tool, and a window will open in front of you.

The best thing about the tool is that it automatically detects grammatical errors. Also, it suggests you remove such errors from your papers in real-time. Further, you can choose whether to apply the suggested changes or ignore them.

What’s more? If you want to add some words or phrases to your dictionary, this application lets you do that as well. Soda PDF has made it the easiest for students to edit and write group assignments in one go!


While summing up the discussion, it will be worthwhile to say that PDF software is a game-changer for students. You can easily write group assignments using this tool. Not only this, it has also facilitated document sharing for the users and helps them keep the content organised.

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