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11 types of Kurtis for Women Every Girl Should wear

Kurtis is the most favored attire for ladies. They are adored for their windy and lightweight feel. They are one of the most versatile attires for the womenfolk in our country, mainly because of the appealing attire with brilliant plans. Kurti set in a way is the changed form of the traditional Indian dress ‘kameez’, being propelled by western style dresses. Available in a plethora of fascinating styles and plans, Kurtis can accompany entirely any dress like jeans, pants, churidars, and tights.

Kurtis is a quintessential part of current Indian culture. India for the most part has a tropical climate, and consequently cotton happens to be the most favoured fabric in most Indian dresses including the popular Kurtis. Cotton Kurtis have always been the most favored decision for ladies and the demands soar high during the blistering late spring months. This doesn’t also mean that you cannot go for a cotton Kurti during the winter.

Here are a few advantages and reasons why cotton Kurti set for women are favored the most

1) Cotton Kurtis are occasion amicable

Be it a formal or a semi-formal occasion or just office wear, cotton Kurtis looks beautiful and accommodating all over the place. They are available in various plans and styles with embellishments of mirrors and pearls. One might say that when you run out of dresses or are not certain what to wear on a particular day or occasion, wear a Leheriya Kurti. You simply can carry it anywhere. Nowadays stylists have mixed cotton with different fabrics to make super plan furnishes that suit all and all over the place. 

2) Cotton is the gentlest fabric that you can get

Cotton is an exceptionally breathable fabric and is regarded for its delicate and comfortable surface. There are no limitations in wearing a cotton Kurti set, especially in the mid-year months. Indeed, even the ones that are long and have full sleeves are exceptionally comfortable. They are lightweight, easy to carry, and comfortable to move around unreservedly. A lot of brands give Kurtis online the best styles and varieties.

3) Fits impeccably

This is one thing that you don’t have to stress over with cotton. A profoundly adaptable fabric easily mixes impeccably with all body types. It looks ideal on anyone without the concern of free or tight fittings. 

4) Easy to maintain and also are long-lasting

This is another great aspect of leheriya kurti design. As a matter of some importance, you don’t have to wash them regularly, and regardless of whether you, simply have normal pressing and you have it ready to be worn again. Cotton is easy to maintain and much comfortable to handle as compared to different fabrics like silk, or chiffon. Best of all, cotton is an affordable fabric as compared with others.

Types of Kurtis Set for Women

 1.Long Straight Kurta

These kurtas are usually long with side slits. Length can vary from beneath knee level to ankle point. Mandarin collars, shut necklines, bateau, and keyhole necklines are usually found in these kinds, which give articulate appeal to them. The most ideal choices to team with are leggings, leggings, and palazzos. It is suitable for transformed triangle, rectangle, and hourglass body shapes. 

 2.Flared Kurta

Flares are ever-green fashion that won’t ever fade. It has a classic outline that suits all body shapes ranging from lean to large and short to long. The length of the kurti set for ladies can be from knee level to floor length as it looks like Anarkali style. The side slit can’t be seen as it has a wide flared look. Best when paired with stockings on the off chance that longer long or it very well may be teamed with ankle-length skinnies if more limited long to give a different look.

 3.A-Line Kurta

These A-line kurtas are variants of flared kurtas where the completion is less compared to flared kurtas and structures the shape of the letter ‘A’. Side slits can be optional relying on the style and length of the kurta. Length can vary from thigh level to beneath knee line. Best when teamed with edited or full-length stockings. It can also be clubbed with leggings or denim to give an indo-western gaze.

 4.Layered Kurta

Layers can loan charm to any outline. Layers can be framed on any kind of kurti set for women ranging from straight fit to anarkalis. It suits all body shapes and has numerous functional features. For lean figures it adds completion by making them look minimally broad and for hefty figures it stows away peeping stomach by giving them a little flat personality. Layered kurtas are best when teamed with leggings and obeyed footwear.

 5.Tiered Kurta

These are variants of flared kurtas, where horizontal panels are attached one beneath the other from the lower waistline giving completion to the look. Since it gets flared off from the waistline, it looks good in all body shapes and types. Longer kurtas are normal in the marketplace, where on the off chance that you own a more limited one someplace above knee level with fewer flares then it can start another precedent.

 6.Skater Kurta

These skater kurta sets are roused by Western apparel. It very closely resembles a dress as the outline overlaps the dress sort. It has a flared outline with a bifurcation at the domain or lower waistline and comes in a more limited length i.e., from thigh to knee level. It very well may be worn with or without the base. On the off chance that base is liked then you can team it with skinnies or edited Leggings.

 7.Top Style Kurti

These leheriya kurti designs are more limited long ranging from the upper thigh to underneath the waistline. These tops are worn with jeans, trousers and leggings. This is similar to Western tops yet with a sprinkle of Indian ornamentation, for example, weaving, reflect work, bandhani, or paisley prints. This is ideal for the summer season as the fabric structure holds natural yarns like cotton, silk, and linen.

 8.Shirt Style Kurta

These kurtas are variants of Western types of clothing. This outline has a front open with a traditional fastener; also has either a mandarin collar or a flat collar contingent on one’s decision. Length varies from thigh to knee level. Once in a while, these kurta sets for ladies are styled with waist belts, jackets, or scarves to loan a new look. It tends to be paired with skinnies or denim.

 9.Front Slit Long Kurta

Western influences can still be seen in this type of kurta. The design features an open front with a clasp, a thin cut that continues till the hemline and provides the illusion of a long-flowing shirt. These kurtas should be worn with skinny jeans to convey concern.

 10.Overlay Kurta

An extra frame around the waist will be layered over a more constricted one within these kurtas. This is exactly like the piece of clothing with the covering. Due to its larger bottom, these kurtis are especially suitable for body shapes like triangles and rectangles. It can be worn in conjunction with skinnies and jeans.

 11.Jacketed Kurta

These come with an attached jacket. These attached jackets are usually more limited in size looking like shrugs type yet presently it has reached out to the waistline. Apart from kaftans, these jackets can mix with any kurti set for ladies, for example, straight fit, flared, shirt style, or even anarkalis. Bottoms like tights for longer kurtas and leggings, or palazzos for short jacketed kurtas can go very well as complete attire.


You can see from the aforementioned variety because you would wish to stock your wardrobe with a wider variety of kurti sets.

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