All You Need to Know About Seasonal Cheap San Juan Flights

This city is the capital of Puerto Rico, an island nation. If you want to admire some Western architecture mingled with Latin culture, you will find quite a few Government buildings that you can marvel at for long hours.

These are prime examples of what is to come next. When you come here, you will be greeted by everyone in Spanish, though the millions of tourists coming here from the USA and Canada have convinced the locals to learn some English. Over 10 million come to this city every year and most of them are tourists. If you are looking for cheap San Juan flights, you should try to book early. The only barrier between tourists and this destination have been the natural disasters, much reported in the international media.

A destination of choice

Puerto Rico is considered to be a Caribbean country and not a Central American country as it is in the Caribbean Sea close to other Caribbean islands. Just like all of the holiday destinations here you will be seeking San Juan air tickets.

This city was founded by the Spaniards long before the Europeans established settlements in other parts of the Americas. If you are an American, you may know that this country is under US administration, which means you can do anything here that you can do in the USA. The economy has for a few years depended a lot on the tourists coming here, though there have been attempts to diversify with efforts from the government.

A different view

If you are bored of the skylines in your large cities, you can come here to see cobbled streets and more. There is architecture from the Spanish era, including the large gates of an even larger fort. There is colonial-era architecture which you will find in old San Juan and a few castles along the seaside.

You can hire a cab to travel around the city or you can rent and ride at your leisure. You can travel to the popular landmarks recommended by the tourist guides or find some hidden gems yourself. If you want to see some churches, you will have plenty from the old days and some modern ones. You will need cheap San Juan air tickets just like you will need some time off from work. Though these will be in huge demand, some offers from airlines or online travel agencies may come your way.

Good plans for good trips

The beaches here are the main attraction for the tourists with hotels close to them, so you don’t have to travel long distances to get there. You can always look for group flight deals from airlines if more than 9 of you are flying together. When you plan your itinerary for a trip, you will be looking for the right accommodations, hoping for some good meals and some activities that you can get involved in.

You will find everything waiting for you once you get here. You can indulge in the local Latin cuisine unless you get homesick in which case you will find some restaurants serving items from American cuisine too. You will be able to catch a ferry to travel to other parts of Puerto or go on a boat trip to explore the sea around this city a little more.

Much more to see

If you are interested in the art, history and culture of the city, there are museums and art galleries for you.  When you come here, you can see how cigars are manufactured along with a few breweries. There are plenty of parks too if you want to explore the local flora. If you are bored of the beaches you can travel towards the interior where you can drive through the greenery or go zip lining.

For these, you will need some tour operators whom your hotel reception will guide you to. The hurricanes here in recent years have been damaging to tourism in the country with no flights. You can seek group flight discounts, which are on offer from time to time.


The summers here are hot and humid towards the end, and the winters are the peak season for tourists with enjoyable weather with pleasant temperatures. The international airport is the main way to get to this island through flights. It is 5 kilometers away from San Juan city.

Most passengers coming to the airport use cabs to travel to and from their rented accommodations. It serves both international and domestic flights. However, in winter there are even more flights to this city, with airlines from the northern neighbors of this country, particularly the USA and Canada offering these from even some cities to which these flights are normally not on offer.

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