Comparing ambulance service in delhi: GoAid vs. Medulance vs.


In Delhi, many Ambulance Services are running on the road. Few of them do provide a kind of best Ambulance Services in Delhi, but the rest of them are just not on that level.

Right now, there are 3 Ambulance Services in Delhi that run fast and provide the best ambulance services in Delhi. Choosing one of them for you is not an easy task. This is why, in this blog, we will provide you with a smooth Comparison between all three ambulances named GoAid & Medulance & Read Health.

If you are also interested to know about the comparison between these three ambulance services, then this blog is for you.

Comparision Between Best Ambulance Services in Delhi:
What is GoAid Ambulance Service?

GoAid Ambulance Service operates in Jaipur, Delhi, Mumbai & 10 more major cities of India, ensuring swift responses with a commitment to less than 10 minutes of arrival time.

With a diverse fleet of ambulances equipped with advanced technology, including mobile ICUs and mini-operation theaters, GoAid provides services beyond transportation.

They offer surgery, lab tests, medical room services, and ambulance solutions tailored to specific needs, such as oxygen-equipped ambulances and dead body transport services + Dead Body Ambulance Services in delhi, and 11,000+ Ambulances in 10+ Major Cities of India.

GoAid also provides health cards and stands out with unique offerings like on-board doctors and on-ambulance surgery.

What are Medulance Ambulance Services?

Medulance offers 24/7 emergency ambulance care in Delhi with a one-stop solution for various healthcare needs. In addition to ambulance services, they provide Teleconsultation, E-Pharmacy, Diagnostics, Home Health Care, Elderly Care, and Mental Wellness services.

Their app features transparent pricing, emergency contacts, and relevant health information. With a fleet of 7,500 ambulances, Medulance aims to provide swift and efficient emergency medical assistance.

What is RED.Health Ambulance Services?

RED.Health, India’s largest emergency response company, boasts a fleet of over 5,000 ambulances across 550+ cities. They provide expert care with a 94% satisfaction rate. RED.Health offers comprehensive solutions, including ambulance services, telemedicine, and emergency training through RED Academy.

Specialized services like RED Edge focus on innovative emergency response technology. With partnerships with 300+ hospitals, they serve as a lifeline in critical moments, emphasizing speed, efficiency, and patient safety.

Comparing ambulance service in delhi: GoAid vs. Medulance vs.

We have added a comprehensive comparison between GoAid, Medulance and RED.Health Ambulance services below-

Key PointsMedulanceRED.HealthGoAid Ambulance Services
Emergency CoveragePan-India (60+ Cities)Presence in 550+ CitiesJaipur, Delhi, Mumbai
Fleet Size7,500+ Ambulances (Nationwide)5,000+ Ambulances11,000+ Ambulances
Additional Medical ServicesTeleconsultation, E-Pharmacy, Diagnostics, Home Health Care, Elderly Care, Mental Wellness, etc.Telemedicine, Emergency Training, Ambulance Services, Health SolutionsSurgery, Lab Tests, Medical Room Services, Health Card, On-Board Doctor, On-Ambulance Surgery, etc
Response TimeEmergency assistance time of 15 minutes orLess than 15 minutesLess than 10 minutes
Collaborations/PartnershipsJio (5G-Enabled Ambulances), Various Events300+ HospitalsHospital Partnerships (50+ Hospitals)
Technology IntegrationEquipping fleet with cameras and smart5G-Enabled Ambulances, Innovative SolutionsMobile ICUs, Mini Operation Theaters,
Air Ambulance ServicesNot specifiedYesYes
Unique OfferingsNot specifiedOn-Board Doctors, On-Ambulance SurgeryOn-Board Doctor Service, On-Ambulance Surgery, Health Card
Client TestimonialsPositive feedback from clientsPositive ReviewsPositive Reviews
Locations ServedPan-IndiaPan-IndiaJaipur, Delhi, Mumbai, and 10 More Major Cities in India.
Event Ambulance ServicesNot specifiedYes (Cycle Rally, Various Events)Yes (Concerts, Large Gatherings)
Digital Health CardNot specifiedNot specifiedGoAid Health Card
Training ProgramsNot specifiedRED Academy for Emergency TrainingNot specified
Government CollaborationNot specifiedYes (Public Private Partnership and PSU)Officially recognized by the Government
App AvailabilityNot specifiedYes (App Store, Play Store)Yes (App Store, Play Store)
Maximum Lives Assisted800k+262k+100k+
Coverage in News/EventsCollaboration with Jio for 5G-Enabled Ambulance, Various Events and News ArticlesCycle Rally for Road Accident Victims Various News ArticlesPositive coverage for efficient services and events.
Customer Satisfaction RatePositive feedback from clients94% Satisfaction RatePositive Customer Testimonials
On-Site Medical Support for EventsNot specifiedYes (Large-Scale Public Gatherings)Yes (Various Events)

Conclusion: Comparison Between Best Ambulance Services in Delhi

In conclusion, GoAid Ambulance Services in delhi stands out for its efficient emergency response in Jaipur, Delhi, and Mumbai, promising arrival in less than 10 minutes. Offering a diverse fleet with advanced medical facilities like mobile ICUs, ensures swift and specialized care.

GoAid provides unique services like on-board doctors and on-ambulance surgery, setting it apart in the industry. Their commitment to diverse medical needs, including surgeries, lab tests, and health cards, emphasizes a holistic approach to healthcare.

Positive client testimonials attest to GoAid’s reliability, making it a top choice for those seeking prompt and comprehensive ambulance services.

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