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What It Means to Choose American-Made Furniture

In an era where consumers ‘choices affect much more than personal tastes, the selection of furniture made in America takes on a particular merit.

Past the issues of aesthetics and function alone, choosing to go with pieces made authentically has a high value. In this article, we’ll tell you what it means if you buy an item of American-made furniture.

History and Tradition of American Furniture Craft

Furniture has a long, interesting history in America going back to the colonial period. Skill, innovation and creativity have always characterized the work of American furniture makers. Their product was shaped by–as well as an expression of in many respects-the culture, values and identity they shared with their countrymen. Shaker, Mission, Arts and Crafts & Mid-century Modern. Themes which originated in the USA have become major influences on furniture design throughout the world.

Today, choosing American-made furniture means buying something which is handcrafted with pride and tradition in the same manner as generations of our great craftsmen–our fine carpenters. It also means selecting furniture made with high standards of quality and attention, using the finest materials and designs. American-made furniture is not factory-produced or manufactured offshore but custom-constructed and handmade. As a result, it is one of a kind, studiously beautiful and always solid.

American-made furniture’s Quality and Durability

The quality and durability it offers are one of the most important reasons to choose American-made furniture. Buying American-made furniture means buying quality and style that will last. The American furniture makers have high standards of craftsmanship and quality control. Every piece exceeds your expectations, or else it is rejected by itself. From solid wood, metal, leather and fabric–all of which are locally sourced in an ethical fashion. Advanced technology and equipment like CNC machines, laser cutters, and 3D printers are also used to produce furniture that is exacting in every detail.

Yet imported furniture may not be of equal quality and durability since it is made with second-rate materials, low wages and poor craftsmanship. Furthermore, imported furniture also faces the risk of damage and wear and tear during its long and complex journey through international shipping. Besides, products brought in from overseas may not be produced to the safe and environmentally sound standards followed by American furniture makers.

American-made furniture that is customized and personalized

American-made furniture has many other advantages, such as customization and personalization. If you buy furniture made in the USA, then it’s your personal design. It fits in with how and what you like to live. Varieties in the selection will be abundant. They may change sizes and shapes, colours, styles between types, pool statistics hardware accessories, upholsteries or knobs–just name it! In addition, you can have such features as storage compartments or lighting and power outlets added to your furniture. Or you can even design your own pieces from scratch and work with the furniture makers to bring life to ideas.

Imported furniture may maintain its one-size-fits-all policy, but you will have far fewer choices and options for customizing or personalizing. Foreign-made furniture may not fit your space, style or purpose either. Perhaps very different from the one which now represents you It has been tailored to fit other markets and cultures. Furthermore, imported furniture has no individuality or identity. It is usually mass-produced and has no character or charm of American-made furniture.

Eco-Friendly, Sustainable American Made Furniture

Using American-made furniture is also ecologically friendly and sustainable. Because there is great respect for the environment when furniture manufacture takes place at home, you can minimize your carbon footprints and, thereby, environmental impact by buying made-in-USA furniture. American furniture makers utilize sustainable and recyclable materials, wood, metal and fabric, which are all locally produced. To minimize their environmental footprint, they also use energy-efficient and waste-reducing methods such as solar power, LED lighting and recycling. They adhere stringently to environmental regulations and standards, including CARB (California Air Resources Board) and FSC (Forest Stewardship Council), making sure that furniture is harmless as well.

While imported furniture may not be so eco-friendly and sustainable as it is made of harmful, nonrenewable materials like plastic, foam & synthetic fibres which come from far away sources, energy-intensive and waste-generating methods like coal power, incineration, and landfilling may also be applied to imported furniture. Also, foreign-made furniture often doesn’t have to follow the same environmental regulations and standards that American makers do. This means you will not only buy something possibly covered with toxic substances like formaldehyde or lead paints; sometimes even mercury is used!

Making a Statement with American-Made Elegance and Purpose

American-made furniture is not only a purchase, it’s making a statement. It is, at the same time, a way of contributing to America’s economy, culture and identity while enjoying good quality, long life, and adaptability. Eco-friendliness and sustainability. It’s a way to release your own sense of style, personality and imagination so you can create someplace comfortable which is both beautiful and long-lasting. It is an investment in furniture that not only serves a purpose but also has meaning.

If you want to buy American-made furniture, try using a web search tool such as Bing to find the best choices in your area. You can compare prices, reviews and availability of various furniture makers to select the one that fits your budget or preference best. Or you can go to their websites, showrooms or workshops and talk to them about your thoughts and needs. You can also peruse their online catalogues, galleries and portfolios to get ideas stimulated.

It is certainly a wise choice, and you will not regret it one bit! Whether you want furniture for your living room, bedroom, dining room or home office (or any other space), there are American-made pieces that will meet and exceed all expectations. You can also find American-made furniture that will complement and enrich your own furnishings for a single look of which you are proud. America-made furniture, reflective of and affirming your style, personality and identity, can also be found. It will make an impressive statement about you that is not easily forgotten.

Go for American-made furniture and experience the alternative. In addition to furniture which is high quality, long-lasting beautiful and environmentally friendly you will get something of great pride in tradition with passion. You not only get furniture made to order, but also furniture that you make yourself. Not only will the furniture be made in America, but it’ll also be STUFFED with America.

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