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BWP Grade SAINIK Plywood Keeps the Rain in Check!

CenturyPly is one of the key players in the manufacturing of plywood in the country. CenturyPly holds a strong reputation for quality and innovation and offers a variety of products ranging from veneers and laminates to plywood. One such product offered by CenturyPly is SAINIK Plywood.

Benefits of SAINIK Plywood –

1. Waterproof – SAINIK Plywood is waterproof and possesses water-repelling properties.

2. Budget-Friendly – CenturyPly’s SAINIK 710 is ideally priced at  Rs.107/Sqft (Rs.1152/Sqmt) and is the most cost-effective premium quality plywood available in the market at this price range.

3. Resilience – SAINIK Plywood 710 is well known for its durability and strength. SAINIK Plywood is made by compressing top-quality veneers under extreme conditions of pressure and temperature

4. Versatility –  SAINIK Plywood is a wooden material used in various applications ranging from home interiors to furniture, justifying its versatile nature. 

5. Easy to assemble – SAINIK Plywood can be cut into any desired shape and size; thus, it is easy to assemble in the dimensions of the space.

What is BWP Grade SAINIK Plywood?

SAINIK 710 is Boiling waterproof plywood. Boiling waterproofing is a test conducted on the plywood to check whether the plywood is waterproof or not. SAINIK 710 has successfully passed the boiling waterproof test. Thus, it is water-repelling plywood.

How does a Boiling Water Proof (BVP) test work?

The boiling waterproof test is a conventional method used to evaluate the quality and durability of plywood. The test is performed to check whether the adhesive bond can withstand moisture exposure in due course of time.

A sample of plywood to be tested is boiled in water for a specified amount of time to perform the boiling waterproof test. The plywood is then taken out of the water and examined for signs of wear and tear. If the plywood remains intact and shows no signs of damage, the boiling waterproof test is passed, and the plywood is considered water-resistant.

BWP Grade SAINIK Plywood keeps the rain in check

BWP Grade SAINIK Plywood is specially tailored to withstand the conditions of moisture and humidity without wear and tear. SAINIK Plywood is made using top-quality veneers and is glued together using Phenol Formaldehyde resin (PF Resin), making the plywood extremely resistant to water.

This BWP Plywood is made up of high-quality veneers instead of softened veneers. Softened veneers, when exposed to water, can swell up. Hence, softened veneers are not a desirable solution.

Multiple layers of veneers, when bonded under the conditions of high temperature and pressure, resulting in the creation of strong, durable, and water-resistant plywood. 

One of the main features of SAINIK Plywood is its excellent protection against rain. Rainwater, if it penetrates the flooring or the rooftops, can cause heavy damage to the surroundings. SAINIK Plywood being highly water-resistant, ensures that the rainwater does not penetrate the surroundings.

Due to the water-repelling properties, SAINIK Plywood is widely used in areas of high moisture, such as kitchens and bathrooms.

Insects, borers, and termites thrive in areas of high moisture. SAINIK plywood is borer and termite free. Hence ensure the long life of the plywood.

The Bottom Line

Ultimately, Sainik plywood is an impressive pick for areas prone to moisture damage. Its specialized resin, high-quality veneers, layered construction, BWP grade classification, and resistance to fungi and insects all work together to keep moisture away from penetrating and damaging the plywood.

Whether you are building a new home or renovating an existing one, SAINIK plywood is an excellent choice that will provide years of dependable performance and moisture protection. 

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