Resolved: Wavlink WiFi Extender SSID Not Showing Up

In the world of digital connectivity, the Wavlink WiFi extender setup plays an important role. With the help of these devices, millions of people do their online work and enjoy the high-speed internet. But sometimes extender’s SSID suddenly disappears due to some possible reasons. If you are also stuck in the same and want to fix it in no time then, don’t worry. We’ve got your back! In this post, we’ll walk you through the simple steps to troubleshoot and resolve the issue of your Wavlink WiFi extender’s SSID not showing up. Keep reading!

Before we tell you about the troubleshooting tips we would like to tell you about the reasons why your device not showing up in the network list. By knowing the contributing factors you will easily fix the issue.

Reasons for Wavlink Extender SSID Not Showing Up

There can be many reasons for this problem some of which we listed below you can read them:

  • Wi-Fi might not be working well.

  • The way things are connected might be causing the problem.

  • Your Wi-Fi router and computer might not be set up correctly.

  • Your Wi-Fi driver might be too old.

  • The software in your router might need an update.

  • You might have typed in the wrong Wi-Fi username or password.

  • Maybe the setup of your D-Link Extender isn’t right.

Try to understand these reasons and fix the issue by implementing the further mentioned troubleshooting tips that work quickly and effectively.

Solutions for Wavlink Extender SSID Not Showing Up

Here are the solutions that you can implement to fix the problem in a hassle-free manner:

Reboot the Extender

The very first thing you need to do is give the power cycle to the extender. We tell you this because it takes less time and gives effective results. Plus, it also removes the temporary hiccups from the device and fixes the minor bugs of the device. Below we give the instructions to reboot the device in the right manner.

  • Initially, turn off the device by pressing the power button.

  • Remove the power cable from the wall outlet.

  • Keep waiting for some time until the device recovers from the technical glitches.

  • Plug the extender into the socket.

  • Press the power button to turn on the device.

Congrats Your device has been rebooted successfully. Now you should check the SSID in the network list to ensure the issue is resolved or not. If not then, move to the next hack.

Check the Power Connection

Make sure your WiFi extender is powered on. It might sound obvious, but sometimes it’s the simplest things that get overlooked.


Ensure your extender isn’t hidden in a closet or buried under a pile of stuff. It needs to be strategically placed within the range of your router’s signal for it to work effectively.

Inspect Ethernet Cable

Now you should check the Ethernet cable that you use to connect the extender to the router. Maybe the cable used is broken or damaged. So, inspect the cable properly if you see there is a damaged area or broken area on the cable, then replace the cable at the same time with a new one to fix the issue.

Remove the Wireless Interference

The WiFi interference into the networking devices is common. Due to this, the network of the networking devices weakens. So, rule out this possibility all you have to do is implement the following steps:

  • First, keep the extender away from the electronic device because they have electromagnetic waves that cause wireless interference.

  • Second, avoid placing the metal objects near the extender.

  • Third, always keep the extender elevated from the floor.

That’s it now your device is free from wireless interference. If you are still in the same situation then reset the device and re-install it by accessing the default web address.

Hence, these are the solutions that you can use to fix the Wavlink extender SSID not showing up. Once the issue is resolved you will able to access the SSID of the device.

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