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Cleaning a rug at regular intervals is important as it infuses a fresh life into your floor covering. But the task of cleaning is never easy. Especially deep cleaning of rugs is not possible unless you develop certain skills. Once you master those skills then deep cleaning your floor coverings becomes easier and can infuse new life into those décor items to make those last longer.

Area rugs have to take a lot of beating almost the entire. There is almost constant foot traffic as well as pet excreta. Moreover there are occasional spills. As a result you cannot only rely on vacuuming to get an area rug actually clean. This is why deep cleaning is necessary for this range of items.

Even freshly cleaned rugs constantly absorb pollutants, germs, dirt, dust, grime, allergens and other harmful agents. The fibres even absorb a part of the steam that is produced every time you cook. Even fumes from gas fireplaces readily get into these fibres. Considering this fact it is utmost important to teach yourself the skills of deep cleaning rugs.

Even if your rug is not washable yet it is important to learn the skills of deep cleaning rugs. Until and unless the rug that you have is extremely delicate or antique there is no need to hire professional rug cleaners to do the task for you. But if you have an antique rug, a Persian rug or an Oriental rug, in that case it is better to hire professional help for the job. 

In the following section of the blog post let us explore few tried and tested tip to deep clean rugs at home. These tips are supplied by trained experts who provide rug cleaning services near me in London.

Is there any best way to clean my rug?

If you want your area rug appear in great shape and last years together then routine cleaning at regular intervals using a vacuum cleaner is a good strategy. Along with that you have to spot clean areas promptly. But every rug needs something more than this standard cleaning regimen from time to time.

The type of rug you have determines the ideal way to clean and maintain it. In rug cleaning there is no universal solution that is suitable to every type of rugs that exists under the sun. for example rugs made from natural fibres have to be treated in a different way compared to rugs made of synthetic fibres. Rugs made from wool should only be cleaned with a cold water procedure. This keeps the fibres from getting damaged or distorted.

While you are cleaning synthetic rugs you can be more aggressive. The range of rugs can easily withstand stronger cleaning solutions as well as hot water. But it is important to note that for some rugs it is always better to hire professional cleaning services. Persian rugs and Oriental rugs for example should always be cleaned by professional cleaners. The same goes for rugs that are made of either silk or viscose.

Tools and supplies required to clean area rugs at home

In order to clean area rugs DIY at home you need few tools and supplies. Here is a list of the items that you need.

  • Rug shampoo although you may also rely on any mild dish soap instead
  • A brush with soft bristles (alternatively this can be replaced with a sponge)
  • A large bucket
  • Garden hose
  • Rubber gloves
  • Wet dry vacuum and obviously
  • Water

Deep cleaning an interior rug

When you are cleaning any specific area rug it is better to first check the manufacturer’s wash care label. This is usually present on the underside of a rug. Else the procedure is much alike to that of cleaning carpets.

First you should do a spot test before getting into actual cleaning. We will discuss spot cleaning in more details at an appropriate place.

  • Step 1 – Clear out furniture and any other object placed on the rug

Clearing out furniture and any other object placed on the rug is not enough says a cleaner providing professional rug cleaning services in London over the years. If possible then you should carry the rug outdoors to facilitate proper cleaning. Apply a lot of water to it. This removes soil and dirt from the fabric. The item has to get completely dried fast. Moreover, if it is not dried properly the colours may get fade and the fabric may even get distorted. The best thing to take on DIY rug cleaning at home is a bright sunny day. Do not place the rug directly on the ground while cleaning. Instead you should place it on a drop cloth, a large piece of plastic or a tarp. This will save you from creating a bigger mess during the cleaning operation.

  • Step 2 – Remove the dirt and debris from the fibres

If you vacuum your rug on weekly basis you can avoid much of the staining. While vacuuming always use a suction-only vacuum. Avoid the rotating brush. This proves to be a great means to get rid of dust particles from the fabric before those can actually sink in. this way you not only prevent dust particles from sinking into your area rug but also you are being gentle to the fibres.  You should vacuum a rug thoroughly on both sides. Make sure that the last bit of debris is cleared away. Using a vacuum with a beater bar proves effective in accomplishing this task. If you have pets at home then it is appropriate to make use of brush attachment. It helps getting rid of lingering stray hair suggest a professional who provides rug cleaning services near me in London.

  • Step 3 – prepare the cleaner for your rugs

Commercially manufactured carpet cleaners and carpet shampoos are basically toxic chemicals. These harmful chemicals often prove too strong for your rug fibres. It is better to avoid this kind of products to clean rugs with. It is better to prepare a suitable and effective rug cleaner at home that does not increase your carbon footprint. Here is a recipe –

Take any mild dish detergent and mix it with a bucket of cold water when you are cleaning woollen rugs or rugs made from any natural fibre. If you are cleaning a synthetic rug then replace cold water with hot one.

Patch test

Before you start scrubbing the rug with the cleaner you should carry out this patch test. This test ensures the cleaner will not have any adverse effect on the rug fabric says a professional who works at Vip Carpet Cleaning London. Apply a little of the cleaner to an inconspicuous portion of the rug. Wait for 10 minutes; if there is no draining or fading of colours then you know the cleaner is safe to use.

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