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The Wedding Party: A Guide to Who’s Who and What They Do

Giving roles to your near and dear ones at your wedding party isn’t just about nice gestures. They are the star cast of one of the most important events in your life and support you to tie the knot.

You don’t need to blow your life savings on your wedding party. Decide on an option after searching for “affordable wedding halls near me” and have an intimate wedding with close friends and family. However, understanding the roles and responsibilities of the important people in your wedding is important. Fortunately, this article is here to help.

1.   Best Man

The best man has one job, supporting the groom. That’s why it usually goes to the best friend, sibling, or cousin of the groom. The best man supports all wedding activities throughout the day and stands by the groom throughout the wedding.

The best man often goes above and beyond and may even help to select the best wedding venues in Houston, TX. Apart from that, their core duties include:

  • Writing a great speech for the reception
  • Plan the bachelor party
  • Help out in organizing the wedding
  • Safeguard the wedding right up to the wedding ceremony

2. Maid or Matron of Honor

The maid of honor has similar responsibilities as the best man. It becomes the matron of honor for married women. Their main responsibility is to support the bride while being her closest confidant. That’s why this role is reserved for a close friend or sibling. The maid of honor coordinates with bridesmaids and sticks to the bride through the stressful wedding planning.

Your maid of honor may accompany you while you scout wedding reception venues in Houston. Major duties for a maid of honor include:

  • Coordinate with and direct bridesmaids to plan the bridal shower and bachelorette party
  • Hold on to the ring till the wedding ceremony
  • Solve problems that may arise during the wedding
  • Deliver a speech for the reception

3. Groomsmen and Bridesmaids

The groom can choose as many groomsmen as he wants and the same holds for the bride while she decides on bridesmaids. However, make sure that the wedding site doesn’t look too crowded and has enough space to accommodate everyone. Both these roles act as wedding party assistants. They are responsible for:

  • Helping the best man or maid of honor in planning a stag or bachelorette party and the bridal shower.
  • Purchasing color-coordinated wedding attire for the wedding(Some couples choose to pay the bill for groomsmen and bridesmaids)
  • Stand next to the groom and bride during the wedding
  • Decorate the getaway car for the couple


The groomsmen and bridesmaids also help out with wedding arrangements and may escort guests to their. They may also assist in connecting with vendors and the reception hall in Houston, TX. Azul Reception Hall is a great option with in-house services to help streamline the wedding planning for you.

4. Ring Bearer

Being a ring bearer is a small yet very significant role in the wedding party. It is usually reserved for young children of close friends or relatives. While the best man or maid of honor holds on to the wedding bands, young boys also take up the role. Make sure the ring bearer is under adult supervision so that you don’t lose the precious rings. Some couples also decide to pass on the honor to their four-legged friend.

5. Flower Girl

Similar to the ring bearer, a young child usually takes up the role of the flower girl. She carries a bouquet of flowers or a basket of petals and scatters them as she goes down the aisle with bridesmaids. Flower girls are a charming addition to any wedding party and may even steal a bit of limelight from the bride with their flower crown.

6. Officiant

The officiant is the person who leads the wedding ceremony and pronounces the couple as married. Depending on the type of wedding, the officiant can be a religious leader, such as a priest, rabbi, or pastor, or a secular official, such as a judge, justice of the peace, or notary public. Some couples choose to have a friend or family member officiate their wedding, which can make the ceremony more personal and meaningful. However, before officiating a wedding, it is important to check the local laws and regulations to make sure that the marriage will be legally valid. It is also advisable to prepare and practice the wedding script beforehand, dress appropriately for the occasion, and have a backup copy of the ceremony notes in case of any mishaps. Being an officiant is a great honor and responsibility, and it can be a rewarding and memorable experience for both the officiant and the couple.


That’s the star cast of your wedding party. They take personal stakes in making sure your wedding goes according to plan and without a hitch. While parents are honorary members, they also traditionally take up roles in paying for the wedding. However, most modern couples opt to pay for the entire wedding themselves and choose from affordable wedding venues in Houston.



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