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Why Are Women Using Leather Wallets More than a Purse?

Fashion for women is a bigger concern than for men. Trends keep coming, and women are more than happy to follow the trends that make them look good and enhance their fashion. Men have mainly used leather wallets for decades or centuries. This has made the product more common for men, but it was a different thing for women. As men didn’t carry handbags, women also didn’t feel the need to carry wallets. However, things have significantly changed, and we see many women are using men’s leather wallet and men’s messenger bag in their daily lives. There can be many reasons for this change. In this blog, we are going to discuss why the use of purses has significantly decreased and why women are more comfortable with wallets now.

Are Wallets Practical for Both Men and Women

Wallets are a practical choice regardless of gender. Both men and women can use wallets as they are versatile and comfortable. Leather wallets are small in size and have simple designs that make them look more sophisticated. Purses are usually bigger and take up more space which can be a hassle for women. If a woman wants to go out for a while and doesn’t need to bring her huge handbag with her, she can easily carry a small wallet in her pocket or her hands and move hassle-free. This is one of the main reasons why the popularity of wallets has increased because women also find them more convenient than handbags.

Purse vs. Wallet

You might think there’s not much difference between the two, and both are carried by women to hold cash and coins; however, there are some differences that make the choice clear for them. Purses are designed to carry coins, cash, and cards, just like wallets; however, carrying a purse is much more difficult than carrying a wallet because of its size. Purses are slightly bigger in size than wallets; hence, they take up more space in a handbag. If you carry them in your hand, it is also heavier. On the other hand, wallets don’t take up much space in your handbag, and if you don’t want to carry them in your hand, they can easily fit in a pocket. This makes wallets a more comfortable choice.

Benefits of Using a Leather Wallet

Following are some benefits of leather wallets that make them better than ordinary purses.


Leather is known to be a durable material. A leather laptop bag in the UK can last much longer than a bag made of ordinary material. Leather wallets are also just as durable. If you invest in real leather, you can keep your wallet as good as new for a long time. Wallets are also small, which makes it easier to care for them and keep them away from any damage, which cannot be said about purses. They require more care and might be easily damaged if not made of real leather.


Leather wallets are more stylish than purses. If you are someone who likes minimalistic things, a wallet might be the best choice for you. Especially if you shop from the men’s leather wallet and men’s collection of leather goods, you can find sophisticated designs with simple designs. Leather products for men are usually made of neutral colours like black and tan, which enhances the class of the material.


Wallets are also lightweight as compared to purses. You cannot keep extra belongings in them because they are smaller and have less space to carry stuff. Cardholders are even more lightweight because you can only carry your cards in them. The more lightweight your wallet is, the easier it becomes to carry it. Because of the lack of space, you can’t store too much loose change and coins in your wallet, and this saves it from losing its shape. We have seen purses lose their shape as women store too many things in them, which causes them to look bulky and stretched. These kinds of problems don’t occur with wallets.


Leather wallets have been used for centuries for different reasons. Whether it is to carry weapons to the hunt or food. Leather wallets have always been appreciated, and this makes them a safe choice. You can never make a wrong choice with leather wallets. If you don’t have exceptional knowledge about fashion, you should choose timeless and classic options. In this case, leather wallets are the safest option for you. Everyone likes real leather wallets, and you can easily show off as it is a status symbol as well.


The popularity of wallets is not that surprising because the product has great benefits for the owner. Men always used wallets; hence, it is not new for them, but women have slightly shifted their interest from purses to wallets and find it extremely helpful. However, there are still women who find purses more useful because they can store more stuff, and they might be easy to find in their handbags. It is completely up to the person to use whatever they want. But we are happy to see the use of leather wallets being normalised regardless of gender.

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