It is time to know your expanded options in orthodontic treatments

Orthodontic dentistry is a prominent branch of dentistry which deals with diagnosing, preventing and treating cases related to dental malocclusion and facial irregularities. It is also one of the oldest specialities in dentistry. The treatments involved in orthodontic dentistry prove helpful not only in smile enhancement but also improving oral functionality to a large extent and till date it has changed life for zillions of people all over the world. As dental science is evolving at a steady pace so are the tools, techniques and equipments of orthodontic dentistry.

The basic objective of orthodontic dentistry is to provide optimal alignment of the teeth and the jaws and thus these treatments also enhance the symmetry of the structure of one’s face. Orthodontics in the contemporary time and age is more of a blend of conventional practices with innovative and evolving technologies. The treatments prove to be efficient, less painful, reliable and last but nevertheless the least, aesthetically more pleasing.

Options in orthodontic treatment

The options in orthodontic treatment are expanding fast and at a steady pace. The options not only include metal braces but also ceramic braces, retainers, clear aligners and others. Some treatments are provided with fixed appliances while removable appliances are used in other treatments. Both fixed and removable appliances that are used have their own benefits and an orthodontist recommends you the best option depending on individual factors like your age, the differences in the size of your teeth, the level of imbalance in the jaw or malocclusion of the teeth and such others. Based on their core technical knowhow orthodontists are aware which appliance is best to use and when that will help creating a custom smile for a patient.

  • Braces

Treatment with braces is all about wire behind teeth and this range of appliances is made up of brackets and wires; the brackets are fixed to the teeth while the wires are threaded through the slots present in the brackets.

  • Aligner trays

Aligner trays are custom fitted for a patient’s teeth and the range of appliances is usually made from clear, transparent thermoplastic material. The trays are easily removable and a patient can wear on and take out the trays from the teeth all alone.

  • Retainers

 Retainers are removable appliances used in orthodontic dentistry and like aligner trays are also made from clear transparent material similar to plastic. Retainers are always slightly flexible and fit perfectly on your teeth as per their exact shape and placement.

  • Arch wire

Arch wires are the actual appliance which moves your teeth into correct position and these are fitted into the slots in your braces.

  • Elastics   

These are basically tiny rubber bands which are meant to exert additional force on to the tooth or teeth that braces alone cannot. Additional force provided by elastics proves helpful moving the teeth into correct alignment.

  • Mouth guard

A mouth guard proves to be a useful appliance for sportspersons to protect the teeth and the jaws from trauma while participating in sporting activities in the field. It is most suitable for athletes who are involved in “body contact” sports like rugby, ice hockey, football and others; a mouth guard should be worn by athletes of every possible age group.

  • Orthodontic surgery   

Surgical orthodontics mainly involves corrective surgeries on the jaws to resolve various skeletal issues that make difficult for a patient to speak bite and chew normally. This range of surgical orthodontics treatment options or procedures is also called orthognathic treatments.

Benefits that orthodontic treatments offer

Orthodontic treatments prove to be a huge boon in the lives of certain individuals. If you think the range of treatments or procedures only reshapes smiles to perfection then you are wrong as these treatments practically shape up lives. Orthodontic dentistry as a whole takes patient on a journey that is transformative both aesthetically and functionally. The benefits these treatments offer are innumerable and include the following –

  • Improved aesthetics

Perfectly aligned teeth along with a straight smile boost self reliance and self confidence more than anything else. The changes that result from an orthodontic treatment often enhance the overall personality of an individual by providing a renewed pride in his or her appearance.

  • Betterment of oral function

Discrepancy in the jaw or misalignment of the teeth can be severe enough in certain cases. Those patients lack the normal ability to speak, bite and chew. Orthodontic treatments are meant to correct the problems in one’s teeth and the jaws to help his or her mouth function properly.

  • Lesser problems related to oral health

It is not possible to clean the teeth sufficiently to clear away harmful plaque build-ups with crowded or crooked teeth. Thus the mouth becomes breeding place for harmful bacteria that cause gum disease and cavities in the teeth. Orthodontic treatments correct the problem of overcrowding or crooked teeth so that one can maintain optimum oral hygiene and avoid tooth decay, gum disease and other oral health issues explains a dentist in London who possesses years of experience in handling cases related to wire behind teeth after braces.

  • Proper alignment of the jaw

It is usually seen that in course of time conditions like deep under bite, overbite and cross bite exert immense strain on the jaw. This leads to patient to develop TMJ disorder where TMJ stands for temporomandibular joint. Orthodontic treatments not only correct the dental conditions mentioned above and facilitate proper functioning of the jaws but also lessen the chances of developing TMJ disorder.

  • More effective cleaning

The teeth that are straight are easier to clean and floss. When your teeth are brushed and flossed properly and are maintained well, you obviously enjoy sound oral hygiene and thus you enjoy sound oral health, fresher breath and much lesser chances of developing gum disease. 

  • Considerable savings in finance

In addition to the benefits mentioned above orthodontic treatments on time help you prevent a lot of unnecessary complications down the timeline. Thus you make significant savings on potential dental treatments in future.

These days the treatment options at any orthodontisthave improved a lot compared to that of the past. Considering all the facts and factors mentioned above, waste no time and call 1A Orthodontics London to book your appointment now.

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