What you need to know about Peanut Oil

Peanut oil – the perfect help for your skin is known above all for refining dishes.

However, few people know that peanut oil helps in many health complaints.

Origin of Groundnut oil

The peanut has been cultivated for over 3000 years and it originated from South America.

The peanut plant, especially in warm climate regions thrives very well, it is cultivated mostly in West Africa, China, India, and Indonesia, as well as North and South America, according to Farmpally.

However, you can grow peanut plants in other regions, and are grown almost everywhere in the world.

The peanut plant, which belongs to the butterfly composite plants can be up to 80 cm high, usually, only a height of about 30 cm is reached.

Processing of Peanut oil

The yellow, fragrant flowers appear from May to August, you can see it’s only for a short duration.

Then, it can be harvested between July and September, when the plant is completely taken out of the Earth.

Then, the fruits of the root balls are removed and dried.

The water content of about 40 percent is now five percent reduced and in about 2 to 4 weeks, the peanuts are shelled, with shell, salted, or roasted in the trade.

The peanuts should have a fat content of about 45 percent. The peanuts are then peeled in corrugating rolls or disc mills and sieves cleaned.

They get on roller mills, where they are crushed, then to cold, pressed in screw presses.

After the pressing, there is still a residual oil content in the cake which can be extracted with n-hexane.

The n-hexane is then distilled. Compared to the cold pressing, the peanut oil, however, has a greatly reduced quality, according to Chaktty Akin.

During the oil extraction of peanut oil, a distinction is made between cold-pressed and refined oil.

While cold-pressed peanut oil has a yellowish colour, a very intense taste, and high quality, refined peanut oil by accompanying materials, as well as environmental contamination is exempted.

It’s good if cold-pressed peanut oil is not heated. The refined oil, however, can be used very well in the kitchen for cooking and frying. However, peanut oil, through refining, had to lose smell, taste, and color.

Benefits of Peanut oil

The nutty oil can help not only to deal with skin problems but is also very good for the digestive system, Chaktty said.

It dissolves blockages and has a stimulating effect on the digestive tract.

Also, peanut oil relieves irritation and can be supportive of eczema. Also, it serves as a base oil for massage and it’s highly recommended since it only slowly penetrates the skin.

Peanut oil is a very valuable oil not only in the kitchen. Also for many complaints, oil can be soothing and prevent rheumatism and skin problems.

While peanut oil can maintain not only the skin, it can provide moisture and vitamins, combat eczema, relieve eczema, and restore vitality.

Especially in the kitchen, peanut oil gives a special flavour to many dishes and Asian dishes such as salads.

Even for frying and deep frying, it is very well suited, if refined peanut oil is used.

For medical purposes or cold dishes, however, cold-pressed peanut oil is recommended because here all important ingredients are included and thus, the body is supplied with important nutrients.

Peanut oil should not be missing in any household for these numerous reasons because it can be used very well for cooking, raw consumption, prevention of complaints as well as massage.

Side effects of groundnut oil

If you want to use peanut oil, you should be aware that the oil could be harmful to allergy allergy sufferers.

People who have an allergy to nuts should avoid eating them because it might cause allergic reactions.

Therefore, peanut oil on the skin should be tested in particular for beginning treatment or eating.

Still, may cause inflammation of the IPL when using peanut oil. For this reason, care should always be taken in treating the skin.

Also, no other products should be used for soaps or creams, if an eczema treatment was started with peanut oil since they could neutralise the effect.

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