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Following a tooth extraction usually dentists recommend dentures and broadly speaking dentures can be classified into two groups, namely immediate dentures (which are also called temporary dentures) and permanent dentures. If you do not have any idea about immediate denture repair London and find yourself in complete darkness about it then this blog post is certainly for you. In the following sections we will discuss about temporary or immediate dentures and the topics we will cover include the following –

  • What is this range of dental ap
  • pliances all about?
  • Who are these meant for?
  • How can you get your dentures? 

In addition to the topics mentioned above we will also cover few other relevant topics like tentative price of immediate dentures in London. We hope at the end of this blog post you will have a clear and realistic idea about the range of dental appliances.

The basics about immediate dentures

Immediate dentures, as the name suggests, are meant to insert immediately into the empty socket of the jaw right after a tooth extraction. In fact these are temporary dentures as a permanent denture invariably replaces an immediate denture in course of time. In easier word you can imagine an immediate denture is more like a placeholder and it stays in the place of your extracted tooth for a few weeks or months till your permanent dentures become ready and arrive explain dental technicians who provide the service of walk in denture repair near me in London over the years. Usually an immediate denture stays in place for two to three months and by then permanent denture becomes ready and the immediate denture is removed from its position to make way for the permanent denture. 

Who are immediate dentures for?

This category of dental appliances is for those who have just undergone tooth extraction; so if you have just experienced tooth extraction then your dentist provide you with a temporary denture. It is important to mention in this context that finally the broken denture depends on the number of teeth that have been extracted. Thus you could either get a partial denture or a complete denture. Immediate dentures are ideal for those who have undergone tooth extraction and have concerns, both aesthetic and psychological, about going through their day to day life without prosthetics. Immediate dentures in fact make life much smoother and easier during the intermediate period till you get your permanent set of dentures.

How do you get your immediate dentures?

The process of getting immediate dentures is more or less as following –

About a month or two before your tooth extractionYour dentist or any member of the support team takes several impressions of your mouth. These impressions are then used by technicians in a dental lab to create the right denture for your mouth. 
On the day of tooth extractionOnce your tooth or teeth are extracted the dentist fits the immediate denture in place right after the procedure is over.
The first day you are on immediate denturesChances are high that you will feel little soreness as well as discomfort. These occur because your mouth is trying its best to get used to the denture fitted in the place of your missing tooth or teeth.
After the first week on denture comes to an endMuch of the soreness and discomfort will go away automatically as your mouth is now better used to the new appliance. As few more days pass by the discomfort and soreness are completely gone.

In this context it is also important to mention how you will get your permanent denture. A skilled dental technician who provides the service of emergency denture repair near me over the years says, at one point of time when your dentist will conclude that it is about time to give you your permanent dentures arrangements will be made to get impressions of your teeth again though this time for permanent and not temporary dentures. Permanent dentures are made on precise measurements.

Immediate denture cost

The cost of immediate dentures varies depending upon a couple of factors – the type of denture you choose and the oral health practice you go to. Here is a price list of different varieties of the appliance below to help you make some idea.

  • The cost of acrylic partial dentures starts from £595.
  • Chrome partial dentures have their price starting from £995.
  • Flexible partial dentures cost around £795.
  • The cost of implant dentures start from £750.
  • Complete dentures for the lower and the upper arches have their cost starting from £1295.
  • The cost of suction dentures for either the lower or the upper arch starts from £1999 whereas for both the arches is £3600.

As a matter of fact immediate dentures are nothing but an extra cost to your permanent dentures. This range of dentures unlike the permanent ones has to be constructed before extraction of your tooth or teeth. You may also have to make follow up visits for adjustment and re-fitting purposes.

Basic instructions for immediate dentures

Your dentist will equip you with all the necessary information and instructions while handing over your immediate dentures. According to a dental technician who provides same day denture repair in London your responsibility is to follow those instructions carefully. Usually once the immediate denture is fitted in place you should not take it out until the next morning.

Thereafter you take out the denture from its placement in your mouth only for cleaning. By the fourth day onward you have to take out the appliance from the mouth before going to bed every night and place it in a glass filled with clean and cold water nightlong. The next morning, as you wake up and just about to start your day, slip the denture back in place.

Immediate denture FAQ

What is the average lifespan of immediate dentures?

Emergency Denture Repair, whichever name you call them by, have a standard lifespan ranging from 6 months to a year. However, a lot of factors can affect this standard lifespan – like the level of oral hygiene you maintain, healing of your tooth extraction site, quality of repair done (if required though), the rate of discolouration and other such factors.

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