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Top 3 Influencer Tools to Create Eye-Catchy Content

The digital world has taken a front seat. The influencers can’t be limited to using a spreadsheet and an email account. Influencers are now a brand in themselves that requires various strategies. To implement those tactics properly, they need influencer tools to make their life easy. Multiple marketing tools are available at a freemium and paid model. You can choose the tools based on the level of your work. Going ahead, we will come across various influencer marketing tools. After all, they are your gadgets for creating better content and serving your Followers in the best possible manner.

If you’re kickstarting your journey as an influencer, then make sure to have these content creator tools:

  1. Desktop/Laptop –

    You will get much help using a desktop/laptop, whatever is available. As you can easily plan, edit, and schedule your posts. Use can prepare your script and storyboard and empower your creativity instantly.

  2. Ring Light –

    Get control of the light at home. A ring light with a tripod combo will help you create an aesthetic background. You can choose whether you want cool, warm, or natural light.

  3. Portable Charger –

    Your digital gadgets are the lifelines when you are an influencer. A dying phone battery will hinder your work. So, a portable charger is a must to have.

Regarding your influencer marketing journey, you can use a microphone, camera lenses, backdrops, and a softbox lighting kit in the near future. But, at an initial stage, the above three tools are sufficient. Rest you can learn further about the tools to create interactive content. We are sure you will see your needs getting fulfilled. You get to deliver the desired results. A boost in page reach, engagement and follower increase will be noticed.

Next, we will discuss influencer tools to help you quickly create content. So, gear up to learn and earn hassle-freely. Using these tools, you will get more than what you were expecting.

  1. Mojo –

    This tool can help you lay out videos, audio, and photos in a single frame. Through this, you can create attention-grabbing video content for your next reel. You can also create animated videos with unique visuals and dynamic text options. The final video you get makes your users surely stop their scrolls to view your content.


Some Tips & Tricks to use Mojo:

  • A variety of available Templates –

    The template section in Mojo lets you switch between the current template. You also get a preview of the available templates.

  • Music to Choose and Use –

    Mojo has a music section available. You can find presets available. One can easily upload their desired music option.

  • Colors –

    You get to change the color scheme. Again here you get various presets available. You also get to create your color palette.

  • Layout –

    Get an option to change photos or videos within the story. You get to customize the template on your own.

  • Duration –

    The second-to-last area allows you to make alterations regarding the time of your video. It lets you make amendments to the text and video. You get quickly to animate elements.

  1. LightRoom – If you don’t have a ring light available, then LightRoom can be a great option as you can edit various photos in batches. Making sure they look aesthetically beautiful. The LightRoom is an ideal choice for professionals and beginners.

Some Tips & Tricks to use LightRoom:

  • Edit your photos in solo mode –

    This will reduce your efforts in scrolling, and you will find the panel best suitable for your needs.

  • Always compare your photos in survey mode –

    This will help you choose the best photos amongst the large batch of photos.

  • Use Lightroom Presets –

    Speed up your workflow using the available Lightroom Presets. There are 100+ Lightroom Presets available.

  • Offer a sense of security by applying a watermark –

    You can apply a watermark on the photos to protect your client. You easily get to control the position and the opacity.

  • Easily synchronize your photos –

    Use a plugin such as WP/LR Sync to synchronize keywords, metadata, and LightRoom library.

  1. Canva –

    This is an incredible online graphic design. It’s one of the most accessible platforms. This makes the utilization of easy-to-use functionality of dynamic and high-quality graphics. Canva can be used on both mobile and desktop.


Some Tips & Tricks to use Canva:

  • Use pixabay and pexels in canva –

    Get an impressive free photo collection in Canva. That photo needs to be of high-quality images.

  • Choose separate layers for design editing –

    Adding elements to the design is simple. By simply clicking on the Positions, you can select different layers on which you need to work.

  • Display mockups using canva frames –

    Use this fantastic feature for adding beautiful frames. You can create grids, collages, cutouts, and even photo mockups.

  • Upload images with drag and drop –

    Save time using selecting and uploading images. Go with the the smart way by uploading the images.

The above were the 3 most essential influencer tools to serve your Followers in the best possible manner. Using influencer tools, you get to reach and test campaigns less expensively. You get to catch the instant reaction of your followers. So, get on a creative bandwagon and reduce the inconsistencies. The mobile era has made users too busy. By using tools, you get to capture the attention of the users. So, drive brand awareness and reach. Moreover, you get to create data-driven and detail-oriented campaigns.


The influencer marketing tools serve as an assistant to your marketing needs. You just need to pick the most suitable one, install them and measure the overall activity. When choosing the perfect tool, it’s picking it based on the content you want to create. How do you want to level up campaigns, generate awareness and build trust amongst your Followers? Keep in mind all these things, and pick the perfect tool to serve as a solution to your problems. There are various tools available that are automated to save time and deliver the best results. Using them, you beat the competition creatively and generate customized reports.



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