The Growth Of Traditional Chinese Medicine In The USA: A Historical Overview

Combining ancient tradition with contemporary health practices has always promised healing power in the United States. Besides different integrative approaches that have gained the attention of healthcare practitioners, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) remains prominent in the healthcare sector.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Beginning its origin in China, it has now reached the shores of the United States. With a profound significance in Chinese history and culture, the best Chinese medicine has managed to cater to the healthcare needs of Americans.

However, the growth of traditional Chinese medicine in the USA has been a challenging journey. This evolution manifested complex changes in the healthcare systems, people’s perceptions, and cultural norms. Considering this historical overview.

we will study in-depth the background of the introduction of TCM in the USA, its growth, and the current scenario. But first, let’s get an insight into where you can shop for authentic TCM in the USA.

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Historical Overview of Growth of TCM in the USA

Early Beginnings

Chinese medicine has gone a long way before in the USA. Americans learned about the healthcare approach of TCM through the herbs they consumed, European and American merchants, and scientists. In the 1850s, Chinese immigrants entered America along with their herbal medicine. At that time, Americans were habitual to consult nonwhite healers. Gradually, Americans got familiar with the healing power of Chinese medicine. The nation began to import herbs from Chinese merchants which made them wealthier in their community. They also began selling to fellow practitioners. Many herbalists began to treat Chinese workers at mining camps and Transcontinental Railroad and few Americans outside the cities.

Fall of Chinese Population in America and Decline of Chinese Herb Shops

As soon as this work finished, jobs ended and the Chinese were blamed for stealing jobs from whites. As a result, racism widespread with the burning down of the Chinese community and countless murders. Many survivors flew to large cities like San Francisco. Considering this discrimination, America imposed a ban on the immigration of Chinese, allowing only certain ones to enter. Eventually, the Chinese population in America has drastically fallen. This discriminatory law led to a bad impact on trade, affecting the entry of Chinese herbs into America. In the late 1920s, Chinese herb shops faced a major surviving issue. Somehow, mutual aid and Benevolent Associations in Chinatowns prevented their residents from reaching starvation.

Formulation and Adaption of New Policies by the United States

During World War II and the Cold War, America developed new immigration policies and appointed scientists including biomedical doctors. In the 1940s, refugees from China continued their careers in the licensed medical profession in the USA. However, the practice of TCM was temporarily discontinued. With the emergence of the American Medical Association, nearly all Chinese medicine shops were shut down. Over time, the Chinese population had declined in America. Even when the Chinese Exclusion Act was reversed in 1943, the number of approved visas for Chinese was still limited.

Strengthening of the Relationship Between the USA and China

However, in 1965, the Immigration and Nationality Act was signed when a new wave of Chinese entered America. In the 1970s, America’s relationship with China was nurtured. The Licensure of Acupuncture was approved in different regions which mainly depended on treatment with herbs. A major wave of TCM doctors from China came to the USA in the 1990s, contributing to an increased import of herbs and licensed medicines to the USA.

Current Scenario of TCM in America

Now, in America, Traditional Chinese Medicine is widely accepted and marked as a safe alternative to allopathic medicine. Currently, over 30,000 acupuncturists are now practicing in the USA. As Chinese medicine has evolved to America thoroughly, it is surprising to see how ancient medicine has come a long way and been embraced by the land.


Chinese medicinal shops have faced ups and downs in America. However, these herbs are still being sold online, in Asian stores, and healthcare centers. TCM does promise healing power against several health issues. As TCM has gained a unique acceptance all over the US population, shop for the best Chinese medicine from My Dao Labs. They offer herbal powders and classical Chinese medicine formulas to treat a range of problems. Their easy and convenient formulas improve the way of life. Shop online at My Dao Labs for your concerned goals.

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